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Available on 4 April 2020

The Hotel Yearbook is a family of publications that call upon a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants and opinion leaders from all over the world to ask, "What lies ahead for.

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Finding a Cloud-Based PMS Solution That Will Take Your Hotel Business to the Next Level
By Brittany Berger - Content Strategist

These systems come with many benefits such as cost-saving, greater customer satisfaction, and improved operations. However, there are still a lot of hoteliers that don't use cloud-based hotel PMS

Ten Golden Rules to Improve Guest Experience with SMS
By Mathieu Pollet - Co-founder & CEO

INTRODUCTION SMS is one of the most personal communication channels and by far the fastest one. It would seem only logical, therefore, that highly-personalised service providers like hotels would use

By Binu Mathews - CEO at IDS Next

Emerging markets should be a top priority when looking to expand your hotel technology business, writes Binu Matthews, CEO of IDS NEXT.

By Ian Millar - Professor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Facial recognition is the technological trend of the moment, spreading globally and into the roots of a multitude of industries.

How Sabre Is Tackling Its Airline Tech Challenges

Sabre has sold operational tools to airlines for years, but the business unit became complacent. CEO Sean Menke has revved up the travel tech company's metabolism. But it will take at least a year

A new way of thinking about property management systems: the API first approach
By Margaret Ady - Co-founder of Apaleo

Legacy PMSs make it difficult and costly to connect all systems. Even some modern, cloud-based PMSs aren't developed in a way that makes connectivity as easy and painless as it should be. So how does

Hospitality Financial Leadership - What Do Indy Car Racing and the Hotel Business Have in Common?
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

I am a big fan of professional car racing. I follow the major series; Formula One, NASCAR and my favorite times 10 is Indy Car. When I think about what I like so much around the Indy Car Series

Really, Why Are You Still Allowing This Word…
By Leslie Kalk - Hospitality Coach at Six Figures Waiter

So let's pluck a few critical examples from our everyday lives - The greeting: "Hi folks, are you doing okay today?" Ugh. Generic. The seating: "Is this table okay?" Oh, there's a better one somewhere

Attrition and Cancellation Revenue
By Robert Mandelbaum - Director of Research Information Services at CBRE Hotels

Per the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI), the income received from transient and group guests that fail to occupy a room, or cancel a reservation in the prescribed timeframe

5 Storytelling Techniques Hospitality Marketers Can Borrow from Authors
By Storified Hospitality - Storified Hospitality

The hospitality industry is all about designing experiences—we're selling stories of how our guests would feel if they stayed in our hotel and the kind of memories that could remain long after