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9 Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019
By Michael Del Gigante - Chief Executive Officer at MDG Advertising

Email is amazing. While it doesn't tend to get the same buzz as channels such as social media, email quietly delivers extraordinarily impressive results for marketers year after year. Just how

How to Create Experience-Driven Hotel Properties for Different Age Groups

From Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to millennials, to the ever-growing Gen Z cohort, businesses today are all working toward a similar goal: designing properties and marketing their brands to attract

Delivering Service in a Labor-Scarce Economy

With unemployment holding at historically low rates, hospitality and food service are among the industries most affected by the labor shortage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Hotels Can Do to Build Brand Loyalty with Millennials

They're young, active, travel-savvy and eager to choose experiences over physical purchases, so it's easy to see why millennials are the group to nurture when it comes to hospitbuilding brand loyalty

Sound and Vision: How Audio is Becoming the New Visual for Hoteliers

Hotel owners are usually experts in the importance of marketing, recognizing how much their business image can impact on their bottom line. If website photography isn't suitably aspirational, it can

3D Floor Plans offer vital visual information for the less physically able
By Helen Gore-Grimes - a Director at Visrez

Throughout my life independence has been vital for me to overcome my disability and feel equal to my peers. Travel has always been a passion of mine. Travelling with a disability brings its own set

Odour & Pollution: Ways of Improving Air Quality for Hotels

For hoteliers, customers are the No. 1 priority. After all, how they feel about their stay can have a huge impact, both on whether they return or recommend to others. Subsequently, focusing on guest

SHARC Resurfaces with First Hotel Industry Installation

It was almost five years ago that I reported on a new system, SHARC, that captures and reuses heat that is typically lost to the sewage system—yes, the water that is flushed down toilets. SHARC Energy

Your Top 10 Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions for 2019
By Kerryn Gower - Marketing Coordinator at HEBS Digital

With new technology and digital innovations announced daily, it can seem overwhelming for hoteliers to stay on top of trends and work them into their own strategies. With voice search and AI

Hotel guests deserve fair transparency
By Jan Lundborg - Chief Commercial Optimization Officer, Scandic

Scandic Hotels is working with a large number of contracted B2B leisure partners which account for less than 10% of our business. We are happy to see that the Nordic countries are receiving increasing