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Available on 10 April 2019

The Hotel Yearbook is a family of publications that call upon a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants and opinion leaders from all over the world to ask, "What lies ahead for.

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Why So Many Hoteliers are Upgrading Their Property Management Systems This Year
By Jeff Zabin - Research Director at Starfleet Research

This article is adopted from The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems, which is now available for complimentary download, and reprinted here with permission. Guests have

A Creative and a Well-Designed Restaurant Will Make You Order More
By Sarah Jessica Smith - Blogger

If you thought that the interior design of any given commercial object had absolutely no impact on the business done inside, you were wrong. Companies give more and more notice to office décor because

12 Golden Keys to Hospitality Excellence
By Frank H. Benzakour - Cornell graduate, Professor of Contemporary Club Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University and author

Hospitality is a challenging industry; the competition continues to rise plus guests are demanding more and better services. But I know the key, in fact, 12 golden keys, to adapting and refining your

Top 3 Technology Trends Casinos Should Watch for at 2019 Oi Summit
By Raj Singh - CEO at Go Moment

In Las Vegas today, only 34% of casino revenue comes from gaming. Taking a cue from these Vegas figures, casinos everywhere are looking for diversification beyond the gaming floor. They quest

The Future of Revenue Management with the OTA’s Part II, Rev+ by Expedia
By Ahmed Mahmoud - Founder of

In our previous article, The Future of Revenue Management with the OTA's we highlight the rules of revenue management, and the professionals who practice it on an almost-continuous basis. The role

What's There to Grab in the Ultra-Luxury Hospitality Market?

With the recent acquisitions of Belmond by LVMH and of Six Senses by IHG (InterContinental Hotel Group), what is left to 'grab' in the ultra-luxury hospitality market? What makes the LVMH purchase

The Way Hotels Operate Are Shaped by Millennials

As a hotelier, the process of (effectively) marketing to millennials might have initially presented itself as a rather daunting task, just how much buying power and influence do millennials have

Importance of Local SEO Ranking for Hoteliers
By Trish Leighton - Sr. Manager Search Marketing Services at Vizergy

Any business that has an actual physical location needs to put time into their local SEO. It is imperative, especially in the hospitality industry, for search engines to know where a property

Don't Neglect the Bottom Line: Why Amenities Matter to Your Guests
By Adam Hoydysh - Vice President of Hotel Sales at PLUM

When it comes to curating an exceptional guest experience from top to bottom, pre-stay to post-stay, hoteliers must pay mind to a number of factors and touch-points. What matters most to guests

When You Shouldn't Listen to Your Customers (And When You Should) [Infographic]

We've all heard the old chestnut: "The customer is always right." But what about when the customer isn't right? There are in fact times you should not listen to your customers. (But we wouldn't