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Available on 10 April 2019

The Hotel Yearbook is a family of publications that call upon a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants and opinion leaders from all over the world to ask, "What lies ahead for.

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3D Floor Plans offer vital visual information for the less physically able
By Helen Gore-Grimes - a Director at Visrez

Throughout my life independence has been vital for me to overcome my disability and feel equal to my peers. Travel has always been a passion of mine. Travelling with a disability brings its own set

Your Top 10 Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions for 2019
By Kerryn Gower - Marketing Coordinator at HEBS Digital

With new technology and digital innovations announced daily, it can seem overwhelming for hoteliers to stay on top of trends and work them into their own strategies. With voice search and AI

Hotel guests deserve fair transparency
By Jan Lundborg - Chief Commercial Optimization Officer, Scandic

Scandic Hotels is working with a large number of contracted B2B leisure partners which account for less than 10% of our business. We are happy to see that the Nordic countries are receiving increasing

Three Ways to Safeguard Your Restaurant or Hotel Against Fraud

Restaurants and hotels used to be low-priority targets for online fraudsters, but now, online fraud trends are shifting. As omni-channel and mobile experiences expand, both the restaurant and hotel

Hotel Cap Rates Hold Steady - Values Under Pressure
By Suzanne R. Mellen - Senior Managing Director at HVS

Following a year of robust transaction activity, hotel capitalization rates remain stable, while hotel NOI and values are under pressure due to slowing RevPAR growth and increasing operating expenses

Major Trends to Watch for at HSMAI NY Conference
By Raj Singh - CEO at Go Moment

As I think about what to get excited about at HSMAI's Digital Marketing Strategy Conference 2019 taking place later this month in New York, the fast-evolving guest experience comes to mind

The Modern Guest Experience & How Hotels Can Achieve It in 2019
By David Millili - CEO at Runtriz

Remember when the first hotel websites came online? It was 1994 and Hyatt was among the first chains to launch one. There were many years after this spent convincing the rest of the hotel world

Possessory Interests in Hotel Real Estate
By Erich Baum - Senior Vice President at HVS

What is a Possessory Interest? A possessory interest is created when a private-sector tenant is granted exclusive use of real property (land and/or building) that is owned by a tax-exempt entity

Many Hotel Sellers Won Big in 2018
By Rodney G. Clough - Senior Managing Director at HVS

On average, hotel prices increased significantly in 2018, as a strong pool of buyers with favorable outlooks kept downward pressure on cap rates. A strong bidding environment for hotels, particularly

The Digital Habits of US Hispanics: What Brands Need to Know
By Michael Del Gigante - Chief Executive Officer at MDG Advertising

It's no secret that the US Hispanic market is increasingly vital to brands. Hispanics now account for 18% of the population, are the second-fastest growing ethnic group, and control more than $1.7