HYB Special Edition - Technology 2014

Wade & Co. SA, the Swiss-based publisher of The Hotel Yearbook, an annual compendium of expert opinion and insights on the future of the hotel industry, announced the launch of The Hotel Yearbook 2014 – Technology, its first Special Edition. The 80-page publication examines the changing technology landscape in the world of hospitality. "Since its inception in 2007, the editorial concept of The Hotel Yearbook has been to bring together senior hotel industry executives and recognized experts and thought leaders from every part of the industry to write about foresight and innovation in the global hotel business," said Woody Wade, publisher. "With this new publication, we are focusing for the first time on just one aspect of the business, technology." Rapidly evolving technological innovations are reshaping every aspect of the hotel industry, from reserving rooms via mobile apps to implementing resource-saving green concepts to improving guests' in-room experience. The new publication covers these and many other topics.

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In this edition

Unlocking opportunities... and the door to your hotel room

By Tim Shea, President of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality

A day in the life

By Laurent Idrac, Chief Information Officer at Accor

The argument for listening to our industry old timers

By Bernard Ellis

A memo to hoteliers

By Michael Levie, Founding Partner at citizenM

All guests want are the Three C’s

By Terence Ronson, Hospitality Professional, Technology Consultant, Public Speaker and Inventor

Going mobile!

By Ian Millar, Professor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Ride the prevailing winds…

By Dave Berkus, Author of 14 business books and of the popular blog, BERKONOMICS

Unified hospitality communications and collaboration: future scenarios

By David-Leonhard Steinbauer, Director Hospitality Services at Unify GmbH & Co. KG

Key trends in in-room technology in 2014

By Ted Horner, Information Technology and Services Consultant

The future of digital technology in hotels

By Nigel Allport, Vice President - EMEA at Digital Alchemy CRM

Is your future hotel key already in your pocket?

By Keith Gruen, CEO / Geschäftsführer at Ysura GmbH

Rooming lists: relic or real?

By Joel Pyser, Chief Operating Officer at Passkey International

Using collaboration technology to drive innovation

By Kevin Holt, Owner at Co.Innovation Consulting

Mobile is not the future, it’s “the now”

By Brian Saab, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at buuteeq

Meta search marketing: the new revenue frontier in hospitality

By Max Starkov, President & CEO at HEBS Digital

Content: the weapon of choice in the battle between hotels and OTAs

By Peter O’Connor, Director of the MBA in Hospitality Management at ESSEC Business School

The rise of demand management and the argument for big small data

By David Turnbull, Founder of SnapShot GmbH

Cluttering cloud claims

By Erik Weller, Paradigm Executive at iTesso

A CRS is a hotelier’s lifeline

By Estella Hale, Product Manager - Windsurfer CRS at Sceptre Hospitality Resources

Hotel processes of the future: smooth, efficient, speedy… and non-human

By Darren Panto, Business Development Director at iRiS Software

Keeping a property at the ready

By Frank Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at HFTP

Three scenarios I expect to see in five years in sales and catering automation

By Gregg Hopkins, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Intelity

Is the future of loyalty programs social?

By Youri Sawerschel, Strategy & Branding Consultant at Bridge.over

Sixty minutes with Peninsula’s Ingvar Herland - Interview by Terence Ronson

By Ingvar Herland, General Manager, Research & Technology at The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited

The next big thing in green technology – none??

By Naomi Stark, President & CEO at Stark Service Solutions, LLC

The upsell advantage and the impact of mobile on hotel revenue

By Jason Bryant, Founder and co-CEO at Nor1

Monetizing ethical innkeeping

By Robert Cole, Founder of RockCheetah

The hospitality gene: a beast, a blessing and a payoff

By Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou

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