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Marriott, IHG, Accor and Hilton Invest in Meetings Booking Platform

The hotel industry has had a tough time improving the painful process of selling event space and room blocks to meeting planners. Perhaps this deal is a sign the sector is finally ready to invest in meaningful

Today's Honeymooners Want Adventure Over Relaxation

Once, many honeymooners just wanted to relax at a quiet beach. But times change. Now it's all about adventure, experts say. And why not? In all aspects of travel, people are becoming more daring.

Virgin Galactic Reveals Its Space Base But Not Its Launch Timing

Champagne and caviar? Check. Barista island? Check. Scheduled flights? Richard Branson will get back to you. Space tourism has been an endlessly delayed launch, after all.

Amex GBT Makes Strategic Move in Middle East

American Express Global Business Travel continues to strike strategic deals around the world. Its competitors are doing the same, and one has to wonder how all the international competition will shake

Eventbrite's Struggles Deepen as a Public Company

One has to wonder whether Eventbrite's struggles as a public company will make the event-tech sector less attractive to investors in the future.

Can High-End Travelers Save Amsterdam From Overtourism?

One way to beat overtourism is to target higher-spending visitors. Cities can get away with fewer tourists as long as they spend more. But will that really help solve the issue?

TraveStill Top Concern for Most Cruisers

While the cruise industry's dismal record on sustainability hasn't yet sparked concern among most cruise passengers or inspired major changes, small cruise operators are stepping up their game on green

Amex GBT Signs Deal With Kanoo Travel in Middle East Push

American Express Global Business Travel continues to add support in competitive regions around the world. Is another major acquisition on the way?

Amsterdam Turns to Luxury to Allay Overtourism Concerns

When your destination is considered the ultimate hotbed of overtourism, what do you do to reduce crowding? For Amsterdam, the answer lies in luxury.

Travel Advisors See Little Backlash From Carnival's Pollution Fine

There hasn't been much backlash after Carnival Corp. copped a guilty plea and a $20 million fine for polluting the ocean, but some smaller cruise operators are pushing their green credentials in the hope