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Will 2020 Be the Year APAC Finally Embraces Managed Travel?

Companies across APAC have embraced business travel as a way to fuel ambitious growth and generate eye-popping revenues. Now, companies are formalizing their corporate travel policies and using software

Business Travel Is Becoming a Bigger Obstacle for Employees with Disabilities

Technology has freed up many employees to work remotely, allowing them to check in via email or Slack, and to virtually attend meetings through video conferencing. Meanwhile, it’s easier than ever for

Business Travelers With Disabilities Face a Pervasive Lack of Accessibility

Business travel is often exhausting and tedious, as travelers cope with being away from home, navigating airport security lines, and the stress of living out of a suitcase. Travelers who have disabilities

Less-Invasive Cameras May Be the Future of Event Tracking

Cameras don't always have to make people uncomfortable, especially if they're not being used for facial recognition. Deployed as a way to monitor the flow of attendees, they are a big improvement on common

Surge in Experiential Luxury Travel Drives Growth in Boutique Trade Shows

The recent development of high-end niche travel marketplaces demonstrates that luxury travel is expanding in depth, breadth, and focus.-Laura Powell

How Cruises Will Drive Even More of Travel Advisor Sales

World Travel Holdings has emerged as a powerhouse, particularly in the cruise sector. While strengthening its presence in other sectors, the company's top executives say that cruises will only get stronger

Niche Luxury Travel Boom Creates Demand for Exclusive Trade Shows

Luxury travel during the past decade has taken off exponentially, driven by growing wealth around the world. It's a natural progression that niche trade shows are popping up to cater to the demand.

Battling Executive Burnout in the 24/7 Travel Business

Burnout is everywhere in our precarious global economy, but it's especially pronounced in the travel and hospitality industry. Knowing the reasons why can help prevent it from taking over.

Providers of Trendy Meeting Venues Lure Planners Away from Boring Conference Halls

When it comes to meeting spaces, ambience is becoming almost as important as functionality. As event organizers move away from generic conference rooms, boutique event companies like Etc. Venues and Convene

Pitching Personalized Boutique Meeting Spaces Over Cavernous Convention Halls

As the boutique trend sweeps the events industry, a handful of venue providers are jostling for top spot. London's Etc. Venues thinks its "laser focus" will allow it to stand out in the United States,