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U.S. Travel to Cuba Made More Difficult Again With Non-Family Visits Barred

When the Trump administration took office in 2017, the popular wisdom was that it would eliminate U.S. travel to Cuba. The changes have turned out to be incremental, but now it appears that non-family

UK Travel Bookings Surge With Brexit Divorce Postponement

UK tour operators can heave a sigh of relief at last. With the Brexit divorce being postponed to October, Brits are saying "sod it," we are going on a summer holiday. Good for them

What Local News Tells Us About Overtourism: New Skift Research

Sentiment analysis is a burgeoning field that we can add a new dimension to the industry-wide conversation about overtourism

New Ski Pass Leads to Crowds at Jackson Hole Ski Resort

of overtourism and the corporatizatiare already coming true. Alterra's new Ikon Pass will only speed up the process

Why Tourists to China Will See Less Shine and More Soul

China is stimulating its economy differently, veering away from expensive mega projects and instead encouraging traditional culture or the natural environment. The government is pouring millions

Cruise Insiders Highlight Industry Challenges and 7 Other Tourism Trends This Week

This week in tourism, cruise execs discuss the importance of sustainability and diversity, while the CEO of a Hong Kong-based think tank talks frankly about modern capitalism. Plus, be sure to check

Low-Cost Airline Startup Sees Promise in Smaller Airports

Allegiant co-founder Andrew Levy is starting a new ultra-low-cost airline and plans to start operations from lower-cost secondary airports. But is there room for another new low-cost airline

Travel and Tourism's Good, Bad and Ugly Sides

Yes, travel and tourism is a wealth and job creator, but the industry needs to recognize how it plays a central role in some of the world's biggest problems

Uganda Deals With Bad Publicity After U.S. Tourist Abduction

President Donald Trump's effort to score domestic political points with Twitter-based diplomacy makes addressing the problem of traveler security and kidnappers demanding ransoms more difficult

The Overtourism Factor: Gauging Residents' Sentiments Through Local Media: Skift Research

Overtourism is one of the biggest challenges faced by the travel industry. Quantifying it helps diagnose and fight the issue. Our new method of measuring local sentiment toward tourists can build upon