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Why Corporate Travel Management in Asia Is Looking Sexy

Hello, modern world of corporate travel and expense management, where words such as "compliance" are unfriendly and strange. Hello as well such as Sithat are starting to find the Asian market

Destinations Leverage Tourism Pledges as Marketing Tactic in Age of Overtourism

Tourism pledges are commonly thought of as a way to improve visitor behavior. But done right, they can also potentially help attract a desirable kind of traveler: one who cares about the environment

UK Government to Probe Environmental Cost of Tourism

The UK's tourism industry is robust and vitally impowhich is why it's even more important that the government take a look at its environmental impact

Protests Against Puerto Rico's Governor Put Rebounding Tourism Industry to the Test

Puerto Rico's tourism industry is back on track just shy of two years after Hurricane Maria, but the kind of civil unrest happening in San Juan this week is never great for tourism

Alaska Sees Exponential Growth in Chinese Tourists

Explosive growth in Chinese tourists has been great for Alaska's tourism industry, but let's hope officials keep in mind the risks posed when wild landscapes become wildly popular

Mexico Beach Tourism Battles Against Smelly Seaweed

Mexico's recently elected president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador needs to take more serious action to combat the massive stinky piles of sargassum, a type of seaweed, arriving in coastal towns like

UNESCO's Failure With Venice and 9 Other Tourism Trends This Week

This week in tourism, we explore why UNESCO kept Venice off its list of cities in danger and look at the challenges facing the U.S. as a destination. Plus, we've compiled a comprehensive guide

Crowds Lighter Than Expected at Disney's Star Wars Parks: Will New Rides Change That?

Lines for attractions have been lighter than expected at Disney's Galaxy's Edge parks, according to observers. The opening of two new Star Wars rides within the lands should drum up visitors

Visa Policies Fail to Keep Up With India's Growing Travel Market

Most countries are still prejudiced against the Indian passport. That's a shame. Indian travelers are a legitimate, growing source for the global tourism industry. Thailand understands that; Australia

The Balkans Is a Bright Spot in Europe's Modest Tourism Growth

It's not all bad news for European tourist arrivals, but it could be better. However, look to the Balkans for some robust growth fueled by arrivals from China and Russia