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Designing Smart Home Products That People Will Actually Use

In the late 1950s, RCA Whirlpool introduced the world to the “Miracle Kitchen,” a bold vision of the future in which every device in the home was automated, networked, and tasked with making life

Does Diversity Training Work the Way It's Supposed To?

A new study measures the impact of training on people's attitudes and behavior

The Problems with 5-Star Rating Systems, and How to Fix Them

Online marketplaces for goods and services are increasingly valuable and powerful. Yet many of them remain surprisingly unsophisticated when it comes to their reputation systems, which typically take

The Kind of Authenticity Customers Will Pay More For

Research looks at how we value what's 'authentic

Beneficial Artificial Intelligence

Stuart Russell, coauthor of the standard text on AI, 'Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach,' joins Azeem Azhar to discuss the progress of AI research and implementation and how to ensure