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Podcast: The Power of Direct Reservations

A restaurant’s most powerful tool is direct reservations. SevenRooms’ SVP of Marketing, Marybeth Sheppard, explains why in a recent Food & Beverage podcast with MarketScale. Listen to this podcast

How Expensive are Local Google Ads for Restaurants?

Google Ads can be an effective way for restaurants to reach guests in the area who are searching to make a dining decision (usually from their mobile phone). Many restaurant managers understand

Restaurant Consulting: The Operator's Secret Weapon

Smart operators know that hiring a restaurant consultant can be a very savvy business decision. Hiring a consultant creates a bridge between doing everything yourself (too much time) and hiring a full

3 Mother's Day Marketing Ideas for your Restaurant to Make More Money

Mother’s Day is May 12th, which means families are going to be dining out and spending more to celebrate Mom. According to the National Retail Federation, the US alone is set to spend over 20 billion

iPad Restaurant POS systems: The Top 3 Benefits For Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry has changed pretty dramatically over the past few decades. Restaurants are increasingly letting go of the pen, paper and cash register in favor of iPad Restaurant POS systems

How to Optimize Your Google Business Listing

What is a Google Business listing, anyways? Google My Business is a free tool that helps businesses provide customers with the information they’re looking for faster on Google Search and Google Maps

Turning Likes into Love: How To Tap into Guest Preferences to Create Exceptional Experiences

From shopping to searching, we live in an era of personalization. We expect Amazon to know which socks we like and Yelp to know what we want for lunch. Why should guests expect hotel restaurants

Customer Segmentation: Why It's So Important

Customer segmentation is a fundamental part of maintaining relationships, no matter what industry you’re in. Below, you'll learn what customer segmentation is, how to do it for your company

SevenRooms Marketing Events

Where in the world is the SevenRooms team? Check out our list of events below, and be sure to come by our booth to say hello if you're in town

What Guest Sentiment Is And How to Measure It

Guest sentiment is shared in a lot of universal ways, showing how we feel about an experience: Thumbs up or thumbs down. Five stars or a 1-star rating. But for the restaurant operator who has