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Prediction accuracy for reservation-based forecasting methods applied in Revenue Management

With a few notable exceptions, airlines and hospitality forecasting research has been focused so far on point predictions of customers' bookings. However, Revenue Management decisions are subject

Mediating effects of attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioural control for mobile payment-based hotel reservations

The impacts of website functionality and usability on the repurchase intention of consumers have been proven by previous literature. However, these impacts, along with the wide adoption of mobile

An examination of the progressive effects of hotel frontline employees' brand perceptions on desirable service outcomes

The present study scrutinizes how hospitality firms' internal branding influences the service performance of frontline employees in a progressive way. More specifically, based on social influence

How to fuel employees' prosocial behavior in the hotel service encounter

With mounting customer expectation for excellent service, frontline service employees' prosocial service behavior is of great importance since it helps enhance customers' perceived service quality

The role of loyalty programs in boosting hotel guest loyalty: Impact of switching barriers

This study examines the relationships among the perceived value of a loyalty program, customer satisfaction with a loyalty program, affective commitment, switching barriers, and customer brand loyalty

Acquisitions and shareholders' returns in restaurant firms: The effects of free cash flow, growth opportunities, and franchising

The purpose of this study is to examine the concurrent effects of free cash flows, growth opportunities, and franchising on restaurant firms' returns from acquisitions

Non-verbal communication in hospitality: At the intersection of religion and gender

This exploratory research is based on cross-sectional data collected from 384 hotel guests in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Results showed that Christian guests perceived proxemics, physical appearance

The uniqueness of entrepreneurship in the sharing accommodation sector: Developing a scale of entrepreneurial capital

This study aims to define entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial capitals and generate a multidimensional scale of entrepreneurial capitals for sharing accommodations (ECSA

Free-play impact by customer segment

Little is known about the effectiveness of casino free-play campaigns, despite hundreds of millions of dollars in annual redemptions. These costly play incentives are awarded to individual players