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Service recovery through empowerment? HRM, employee performance and job satisfaction in hotels

This study tests the argument that human resource management in hotels enhances service-recovery performance and job satisfaction through empowering front-line employees to respond to service failures

Do airbnb host listing attributes influence room pricing homogenously?

This research primarily contributes to the identification of the important variables that significantly influence room pricing on the Airbnb rental platform. The study adopted a comparative approach

Analysis of hotel services by their symmetric and asymmetric effects on overall customer satisfaction: A comparison of market segments

This study aims to examine how performance of hotel services symmetrically and asymmetrically affects overall customer satisfaction. For this purpose, data were collected from Turkish, German

Job crafting and customer service behaviors in the hospitality industry: Mediating effect of job passion

In the hospitality setting, empowering individuals to perform their job content has become a crucial topic (Chia and Chu, 2017; Lin et al., 2017). In addressing diverse customer needs, hospitality

Creating a high-performance exhibitor team: A temporary-organization perspective

Participation in business events such as meetings, conventions and exhibitions is costly, and building a high-performance team is vital. This study examines the key influential factors of team

How well does advertising work on restaurant performance? A dynamic and quadratic approach

This study investigated the dynamic and quadratic relationships between advertising and restaurant performance. For this investigation, three stage least squares estimation was adopted to analyze

Why do employees break rules? Understanding organizational rule-breaking behaviors in hospitality

This study explores employees’ organizational rule-breaking behaviors in the hospitality industry. Unlike the majority of hospitality literature which suggest rule-breakers are deviant, a growing

Corporate social responsibility and service-oriented citizenship behavior: A test of dual explanatory paths

Majority of the prior studies suggested that corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives yield competitive advantages and reputations for organizations. Drawing on job crafting and conservation

Understanding the hospitality philanthropy-performance link: Demand and productivity effects

According to value enhancement theory, corporate philanthropy could have a beneficial impact on hospitality firm performance through the demand and productivity effects. This study makes two

Effect of trip mode on opinion about hotel aspects: A social media analysis approach

There is rich literature on the hotel aspects perceived important by travelers, which are mostly based on hotel aspects extracted from questionnaires or previous studies, and fail to include