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A critical review of research regarding peer-to-peer accommodations

The sharing economy in general and peer-to-peer (P2P) accommodations have attracted the attention of academic researchers; research in this area has exponentially increased over the past few years

Guest satisfaction & dissatisfaction in luxury hotels: An application of big data

In order to understand the pivotal attributes of luxury hotel service in Malaysia, this study analyses big data in the form of online reviews, as available in TripAdvisor

Using consumer opinion to define New World fine wine: Insights for hospitality

An online survey was conducted with Australian wine consumers (n = 349) to define Australian fine wine based on sensory attributes, grape variety, wine region, label information, and food pairing

Pride, mindfulness, public self-awareness, affective satisfaction, and customer citizenship behaviour among green restaurant customers

Although research on the self has a long history with various psychological perspectives, the role of the self in visiting green restaurants has not been sufficiently explored. This study investigated

Self/other oriented green experiential values: Measurement and impact on hotel-consumer relationship

Green hospitality presents a unique servicescape that evokes socially/environmentally desirable behaviors. Multiple instances of greenwashing mandate that consumer trust in green services be built

Accounting and financial antecedents of corporate spin-offs in the lodging industry

Publication date: October 2019 Source: International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 83 Author(s): Daniela Penela, Joao Estevao, Amy GregoryAbstractLodging stocks have been gaining more

Effects of biophilic design on consumer responses in the lodging industry

Biophilic design encourages the use of natural systems and processes in the design of the built environment. By introducing biophilic elements to a hotel's physical environment, a guest's need

The role of specific attributes in determining prices of Airbnb listings in rural and urban locations

This paper investigates the determinants of the Airbnb accommodation prices in rural and urban locations in Switzerland for the period 2016-2018

Using interactive technologies to influence guests' unplanned dollar spending in hotels

While many interactive technologies have been deployed in recent years, their role in influencing consumers' unplanned spending in hotels remains unknown. Using data from a nationwide sample of 841

How do customers respond to the hotel servicescape?

This study explores the links between customers' perceptions of the hotel servicescape and their emotional and behavioural responses