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How do hospitality entrepreneurs use their social networks to access resources? Evidence from the lifecycle of small hospitality enterprises

Author(s): Rivanda Meira Teixeira, Tales Andreassi, Mehmet Ali KPseoglu, Fevzi Okumus - This study investigates entrepreneurs' use of social networks to access resources during the conception, start

Embedding eWOM into efficiency DEA modelling: An application to the hospitality sector

Author(s): Marcello M. Mariani, Franco Visani - This paper develops and tests an innovative DEA model in the hospitality sector, by originally embedding online customer ratings among the outputs

A qualitative investigation of microentrepreneurship in the sharing economy

This qualitative study explores various aspects of microentrepreneurship in the sharing economy and describes the motivations of people who operate these innovative businesses from financial, social

Drivers of degree of sophistication in hotel revenue management decision support systems

Publication date: May 2019 Source: International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 79 Author(s): Xun Xu, Lizao Zhang, Tim Baker, Robert J. Harrington, Byron MarloweAbstractRevenue management

Tourism seasonality, online user rating and hotel price: A quantitative approach based on the hedonic price model

Author(s): Xinrui Wang, Jiuxia Sun, Haizhen WenAbstractThe paper aims to investigate the relationship between tourism seasonality, online user ratings and the determinants of hotel prices based

Hidden restaurant sanitation inspection results: A weekday and monthly examination of reported data

Publication date: May 2019 Source: International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 79 Author(s): Jorge Ridderstaat, Bendegul Okumus. This study investigates the short- and long-term effects

Modeling hotel room pricing: A multi-country analysis

In the current tourism landscape, pricing decisions reemerge as a key concern for hoteliers. This study examines the impact of specific factors associated with hotels, customers’ experience

Effectiveness of error management training in the hospitality industry: Impact on perceived fairness and service recovery performance

Hospitality employees make errors given the characteristics of the service product. The way employees handle errors is largely determined by the training they receive. This research examined

Do franchise firms manage their earnings more? Investigating the earnings management of restaurant firms

Earnings management has become more prevalent in many firms. Accordingly, the financial accounting literature has made efforts to identify the determinants of earnings management behavior in various

Foundations of hospitality performance measurement research: A co-citation approach

Studies related to hospitality performance measurement have expanded and matured, leading to diversity in the themes and topics of papers published on the subject. Though many papers have highlighted