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Hotel analytics series pt 1: Why your reports are not analytics

As providers of the leading Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platform for the hospitality industry (HotelIQ), at Intelligent Hospitality we’re often asked to replicate existing reports

How Adam Isrow built GoConcierge into a global empire without venture funding or a marketing budget

What do you think of when asked to picture the founder of a dot com era startup founded in the year 2000? I picture an arrogant and sharp elbowed hype man with an inflated ego who’s selling the dream

Learn how Kevin Brown went from Guest Services Manager to Product Marketer at a $30B dollar hotel...

Working as a front desk agent at a hotel is insanely hard work. Hotel guests have extremely high expectations: they want to be checked in fast, they want amazing service, a 24/7 smile and they want

What does the INTELITY merger mean for your hotel technology strategy?

If you’re like most hotel owners and managers you’re probably being pitched by dozens of technology vendors each week. Some of these vendors are specialists that deliver a single service

This is the tech every hospitality HR manager needs for success

Relentless turnover challenges the sanity of even the most composed hotel manager. I would know: after owning two restaurants that employed 70 people at peak times, the constant battle against

(VIDEO) "With AirBnB and OYO here at HEDNA LA, it's clear that what it means to be a...

It's really interesting that in today's market while we're at a hotel electronic distribution conference (HEDNA) we have panels featuring executives from Airbnb and OYO Rooms. This is a clear signal

Revenue managers: This is what you need to know from 5 must-read books

There's never enough time in the day. So it's not surprising that even thinking about reading a even if it's a book that makes you better at your job. For hotel revenue managers, this indulgence can

(Podcast) FOSSE creator Dave Berkus uses lessons from history to predict the future of hotel...

In this episode we chat with Dave Berkus, one of the most prolific angel investors of all time. Dave is the creator of FOSSE - the property management system that Marriott used for nearly 4 decades

IDeaS Founder Dr. Ravi Mehrotra on why revenue managers need to start thinking fast and slow

Many academics spend their careers publishing research on obscure topics distributed via infrequently read academic journals but Daniel Kahneman and Dr. Ravi Mehrotra break from that mold

How successful have hotels been in earning more direct bookings?

Direct booking campaigns have been a centerpiece of hotel marketing for several years now. The push to encourage guests to ‘Book Direct’ stems from efforts to both reduce commissions paid to third