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5 simple ways to start a presentation

Giving presentations is a big part of the college experience. Teachers assign this project as a learning process because it may often be necessary in the workplace too. After all, 70

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Harnessing the power of storytelling in restaurants

“If used well, stories can stick in the customer’s mind, much longer than a memory of a bite of food, or a glass of wine.” Funnily enough, I’d like to start with a story. Years ago, I went

A simple guide to email etiquette

Today, more than ever before, communication takes place from our devices and computers rather than face to face. One of the main tools that many students, employees and business owners use

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Caesar salad: EHL students R&D adapted recipe

During their first semester, EHL students participate in a research and development (R&D) class, where they are asked to revisit a recipe. From testing new product combinations, exploring different

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3 most common questions asked by potential EHL students

In my activities as EHL Student Ambassador I often get the chance to meet potential future students. During Open Days, campus tours, or Selection Day interviews, I am always happy to answer

Top questions I get asked as an EHL ambassadors

As a Student Ambassador, candidates and potential students often come to me with a series of questions that shows the same main concerns for all of them. In this article, I want you to have direct

How to create a 3* Michelin customer experience?

Achieving a Three-Star Michelin Rating is something very few restaurants ever do. There are just over 160 restaurants worldwide that currently hold that distinction

How to adapt through a turbulent environment?

In the past, we used to see leaders as men with strong personalities, kind of the hero image implementing their will on organizations. However the hierarchical approach with command-and-control

The Caribbean and Latin America as the new focus in the hotel industry

The Asian continent has been booming in the past few years. It still has a lot of potential and many of the leading hotel brands have several construction projects in the pipeline

The 5 types of EHL friends you need in your life

With the large variety of people that you meet at EHL, it isn't hard to come across new friends. However, the distinct and unique people we meet during the rollercoaster ride called university often