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What is EHL about? Transformation, Perseverance, Excellence & Team Spirit

For 125 years, EHL has been shaping future hospitality leaders. It has set the standards for hospitality management education

Vegan chocolate tart

Vegan food was the fastest growing culinary trend of 2018 as the world is embracing compassionate eating - for animals, human health, and the environment. Our chefs have put together some delicious

EHL Smoothies: 2019 edition

EHL's F&B outlets propose signature smoothies on a weekly basis. From classics to exclusive creations, discover the selection our students made

5 Eco-Friendly Universities

Besides the obvious energy savings that more eco-friendly campus operations generate, innovative schools are integrating sustainability practices in all facets of their programs, processes and student

EHL Cocktails: 2019 edition

EHL's F&B outlets propose signature cocktails on a weekly basis. From classics to exclusive creations, discover the selection our students made

EHL Human Touch: A discovery of Alumni around the world

How EHL studies have helped our alumni to create his business? Martin has always been an F&B enthusiast. Even before starting EHL he worked in different structures such as the Slovenian Tourism Board

What will the new EHL residence look like?

As you might have heard or noticed, EHL is undertaking many constructions to expand its campus by 2021. On today’s campus, there are around 550 beds, mostly hosting AP students, since living on campus

Planitswiss: An entrepreneur's Journey

EHL Alumnus Michel Huguenin, co-founder & CEO of planitswiss and imavox Group (a corporate events & multimedia company with international operations on three continents), shares his tips on how

EHL terminology: Speak like an EHL student

As all schools and families, EHL has its own language. For EHL students, using this specific language is part of everyday life but for other people, some acronyms and names might ring no bell at all

Instead of choosing a standard summer camp, why not explore an amazing hospitality experience?

When summer arrives, it’s pretty common for teens to find themselves bored. After all, without school to fill so much time, there are simply too many hours in the day just to play games and watch TV