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Internal Communications Solutions for Fearless Change Management

In business, change is inevitable. Companies evolve in any number of ways: new leadership, rapid growth, a merger, or an acquisition. In order to adapt, companies need a stabilizing force during

Invest in Employee Experience to Overcome Retention Hurdles

Hotels are some of the most resilient operators in the hospitality space. However, there remains a problematic gap between where hotels are now when it comes to streamlined operations and improving

Two Hotels, Two Goals, One Digital Solution

The most important element of the hospitality business is the guest experience. In the age of the sharing economy, hotels face increasing competition for bookings. Travelers now choose between

Mobile Technology Transforms Sky Climber Renewables Operations

A division of Sky Climber, a 60-year-old company that specializes in delivering suspended access product and services solutions to work-at-height industries around the world, Sky Climber Renewables

Gather Better Workforce Feedback to Improve Workplace Culture

A key component of any successful employee engagement strategy is understanding your employees’ needs and delivering what you can to address them. This requires leadership to actively ask

Beekeeper Teams Up With Hyphen for Enhanced Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are an essential component of a continuous improvement company culture. How can workplace leaders create effective employee surveys that will yield the actionable data they need

Bridge the Communication Gap Between Frontline Worker Shifts

What does the future of work look like? How can digital tools affect positive change for the digital workplace experience? At Beekeeper, we’re constantly working to re-define what these concepts

What's in Your Hotel Task Management Toolkit?

Despite the prevalence of operations management software, there are many processes in the hotel industry that are still done manually. This is especially true at the front desk, where many hotels keep

Mobile Communication: Where Technology Meets People

What do today’s two billion mobile workers have in common? While the use cases may vary, the needs of the global distributed workforce remain universal. Whether in hospitality, manufacturing, retail

Beekeeper Launches Locations For Improved Operations Management

Digital tools are undoubtedly changing operations management for the better, streamlining the most essential processes and centralizing core resources employees need most for on-demand retrieval