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Search Experience Optimization enable Hotels to Scale Social Campaigns with New Effective Frameworks

What if you got a VIP pass through Search Experience Optimization so that your Hotel always be the first customers would check out when planning a visit to your city? Learn new insight with Search

A Complete Guide to the 40 Best Rooftop Bars in New York in 2018

Here you’ll find the best NYC rooftop bars with all the info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. New York City is arguably one of the best cities

How to Integrate User-generated Content Into your Hotel Marketing

Marketing is a way of showing people what you can offer and what they can experience if they stay in your Hotel. A good content marketing strategy is complex, detailed and wisely fashioned. A great

The Importance of Usability Testing for Your Hotel Website

A Hotel website is a modern-day marketing tool that one cannot do without. But then again, it is not enough to just have a Hotel website. The site has to be taken through checks and balances

7 Ways for Hotels to Think Outside the Box to Fit New Customer Success Inside the Box

Do your Hotel struggle thinking outside the box? Is your Hotel obsessed with thinking outside the box but still reluctant putting it into practice? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Discover 7 ways

5 Surprising Ways Direct Bookings Deliver the Greatest Value for Travelers Looking for an Exceptional Experience

How can Hotels Increase their Direct Bookings? Similar to you, I noticed trends where Hotels started to become fiercer telling customer there is more value in Direct Bookings

How to Get the Connected Customer Immediately Start Thinking about Your Hotel when Making A Direct Booking

What if I told you that Behavioral Segmentation could help you to get the connected customer immediately start thinking about your Hotel when making a Direct Booking

How to Empower Every Hotel Employee

Every Hotel owner must realize that a Hotels success will depend on their employees’ success. The more empowered a member of staff feels in the workplace, the more they will be able to both grow

Service Automation Brings a New Life to the Human to Human Interaction for Hotels

Today with new technology, tools, and innovative frameworks Service Automation brings a new life to the Human to Human interaction for Hotels

How Marriott Moments use Conversational Experience Marketing To redefine Customer Perceptions and the Future

There is a Customer Experience revolution that now is taking place. Take notes and model how Marriott Moments use Conversational Experience Marketing to redefine Customer Perceptions and the future