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Why Hotels Need to Considering Measure and Scale every Micro-Moment of the Customer Journey

Hotel customers are today documenting every micro-moment of their journey. Do you listen, measure and scale every micro-moment of the customer journey? When you are trying to prove the value of Social

5 Simple Secrets Hotels Can Implement One the Spot to Embrace Instant Gratitude

Do your Hotel fear the consequences of real-time response and instant gratitude? Real-time response and instant gratitude require a cultural shift for many Hotels today. Speed and relevance

Why Hotels Immediately Should Consider Optimize and Think Above and Beyond Customer Expectations with Social Media Marketing

Is the Hotel customer satisfied only because expectations are so low, and no one is doing better? In today’s markets, it is not enough for Hotels to just satisfy the customer, you have to identify new

How to Keep Customers Occupied in a Hotel Lobby

The Hotel business is one that is lucrative and tends to make money, especially in tourist areas. This is because people are looking for a comfortable home away from home and Hotels usually do

Emerging Technology Helping Hotels Differentiate and Boost Customer Service

The Hotel business faces the same automation and technology adoption challenges as the rest of the hospitality sector. It can learn lessons and show others how to make the best use of technology

How Social Media can Reach Targeted Audiences and Influence more Direct Bookings for Hotels

Do your Hotel want more Direct Bookings from Social Media? Many Hotel uses various Social Media channels to try to help drive more direct bookings. Sadly, many struggles generating more direct

Why Social Media Management is Valuable and How It Can Leverage Direct Bookings for Your Hotel

Is your Hotel struggling with Social Media Marketing? Are your Hotels Social Media Marketing leads not turning into direct bookings? Is Social Media Marketing just not working for your Hotel

Don't Be a Victim: Educate Yourself and Employees About Internet Scams That Target Your Hotel

Most Hotels rely on all kinds of digital platforms. With Social Media, apps, and new software developments, we have more tools than ever to reach clients and keep Hotels running smoothly. Along

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Hotels Stop the Growing Operating Costs

Can Social Media Marketing HELP Hotels stop the growing operation costs? I previously talked about pain points Hotels experience with Social Media Marketing, such as content, engagement, and online