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Publication date: 27 May 2019

This Hotel Yearbook 2020 China Special Edition - 酒店旅遊創新年鑒 中國特輯 was produced for HFTP, coinciding with CHTA Connecting Travellers Conference - 未来旅行者大会 2019 which took place from May 28-30 in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview.

Hotel Yearbook In this Edition

How to Develop and Inspire the Next Generation of Hospitality Leaders
By Josh Bergen, CHAE, CHTP - President at VENZA

A saying reads, "The true test of leadership is how well you function in a crisis." In this way, 2020 proved to be a revelatory time for hospitality. Over the course of the pandemic, the industry at large

Leading The Frontline: Shift Manager Definition and Responsibilities

These days, most industries never sleep. And, the heroes of around-the-clock work are our shift leaders. Shift managers are essential team members that keep a company's wheels turning at any given moment

Global hiring a mixed bag in 2021 after the highs and lows of 2020, finds GlobalData

Global hiring activity witnessed a momentous 2020 with significant changes throughout the year. The pharma and retail sectors saw pronounced hiring, and the active job index for these industries surpassed

5 Lessons Leaders Can Learn from Frontline Workers

In 2020, the pandemic put frontline workers in the spotlight. Employees in essential industries like healthcare, transportation, and retail had to keep working on-site as many office-based employees transitioned

A tale of two countries: How do employees with disabilities respond to disability inclusive HR practices in tourism and hospitality industry?

Though inclusive initiatives generally and disability inclusive practices particularly can contribute to the sustainable development goals in the tourism industry, the tourism research has been scarce

Lost & Found Instructions: The Super Boss
By Arturo Cuenllas - Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Professor

Some - especially those my age - will remember the television series The Great American Hero. Ralph Hinkley is a school teacher who has to wear a suit with special powers that he has received from aliens

Hospitality’s ‘Hot Seat’ Leadership Series: COOs – A Tale Of Two Fortunes
By Andrew Hazelton - Managing Director at AETHOS Consulting Group and Thomas Mielke - Managing Director at AETHOS Consulting Group

In our roles as organisational advisers to the hospitality industry on all HR-, talent- and recruitment-related aspects, we are frequently being asked: "What can we [or I] do differently to stay ahead

Top 5 Benefits of Collaboration in Business

Endless meetings, clashing work styles and complex hierarchies. Do the benefits of collaboration in business outweigh the potential cons?Looking for the best team collaboration software but don't know

Inn-Flow sets the standard in hospitality with launch of labor management 2.0 tool

"Without a doubt, we know that 2020 proved to be one of the most trying and difficult years for the hospitality industry. And while our labor management tool has always been important, it's more critical

A Conversation About Investor Sentiment and the Role of Human Capital in Acquisition Due Diligence
By Thomas Mielke - Managing Director at AETHOS Consulting Group

Closing the Deal - A Conversation About Investor Sentiment and the Role of Human Capital in Acquisition Due Diligence With local and regional lockdowns still in place, Romain and I caught up over a cup