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Publication date: 30 November 2017

Over the last few years, hotel companies have made a determined effort to deal with the impact their business activities have on the environment and communities. Both, international hospitality chains and small hotel businesses, recognise the tangible benefits in being proactive in mitigating environmental and societal impacts including real efficiency gains and an enhanced corporate reputation.

By Aurora Dawn Reinke - Founder, Astrapto

Is your hotel sourcing from local vendors? Chances are that you are already riding this wave, at least to some degree.

By Fran Hughes - Director at International Tourism Partnership

Tourism brings economic development, provides jobs, and protects cultural and natural heritage. But.

By Elena Cavagnaro - Professor of Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism at Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Frans Melissen - Professor Sustainable Business Models, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

Over the last years, the hotel industry has massively reaped the low hanging fruit of eco-efficiency.

By Sarah Farrell - Creative Director at transparenCI

In 2013, Hotel Verde, a 145-room airport hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, opened its doors with the bold statement of being the greenest hotel in Africa.

By Bradley Cox - Digital Communications Professional

We are moving into an age where an eco or sustainability certification will no longer be an option, writes Bradley Cox of Green Globe, but something all businesses will want, as it allows them to enhance their bond with their customers.

By Maria Leifer - Heads sales and marketing at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, Vienna

It is not only large hotel groups operating in dozens of countries that are introducing sustainability programs of note.

By André Harms - Sustainability Engineer & Founder and Sarah Farrell - Creative Director at transparenCI

While hotels in the developed world are beginning to make strides in sustainability, Africa remains a continent where hotels face water scarcity, energy security issues, and infrastructure challenges – all of which make measures to improve sustainability even more important.

By Magnus Berglund - Director of Accessibility, Scandic Hotels

Accessibility isn’t just about expensive technical solutions and practical fixes, writes Magnus Berglund, Accessibility Director at the Scandic Hotels Group.

By Nicolas Dubrocard - Senior advisor in sustainable tourism

Efficiency gains – and the cost savings that go with them – have given some hoteliers sufficient reason to embrace sustainability measures.

By Jean Lupinacci - Chief, ENERGY STAR Commercial and Industrial Branch the EPA

Although technology undoubtedly forms the backbone of successful sustainability programs, getting the most out of technology can sometimes be a challenge, as Jean Lupinacci describes here.

By Verena Vinke - Consultant at Detecon International GmbH and Martin Pietzonka - Director and Senior Innovation Manager at the Innovation Center Connected Living and Marc Wagner - Managing Partner and Global Head of Transformation at Detecon International

In the world of hospitality, digitalization opens up many more opportunities than having robots manning the reception and the myriad similar visions rooted, at least a little bit, in science fiction.

By Peter Hvidberg - Global Head, Travel & Hospitality Solutions at SGS

Travelers are increasingly looking for greener options when they travel. As Peter Hvidberg from SGS.

By Randy Durband - CEO at Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

Certification of hotels for sustainability has been around for a quarter of a century. Thousands of hotels have become certified, but they represent a small percentage of hotels throughout the world.

By Sonu Shivdasani - Owner, Soneva Resorts

When it comes to stewardship of our planet’s natural resources, companies must become “solutions” rather than “problems”, writes Sonu Shivdasani, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Soneva.

By José Koechlin and Gabriel Meseth - Communications and Public Relations Specialist

Since natural resources are capital goods, conservation shouldn’t be considered as an expense but an investment, write José Koechlin and Gabriel Meseth, who run Inkaterra in Peru, one of the world’s great ecotourism success stories.

By Eric Ricaurte - Founder at Greenview and Grace Kang - Managing Partner at Greenview

If we want hotels to operate sustainably, then it is the hotel owners, rather than the companies who manage them, who will must be convinced.

By Eric Ricaurte - Founder at Greenview

According to precepts set out in the Paris Agreement, the global hotel industry will have a tough pill to swallow in the years ahead.

By Terence Ronson - Hospitality Professional, Technology Consultant, Public Speaker and Inventor

Have you ever thought about how much paper is still in use – mostly needlessly – in your hotel? Terence Ronson has.

By Christine Demen Meier - Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at EHL and Stéphanie Buri - Coordinator for Saviva Food and Beverage Chair at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Clémence Cornuz - Research associate at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Food waste in restaurants is a growing problem, as several authors in this edition of the Hotel Yearbook point out.

By Jan Edwards - Founder and CEO at Paving the Way

The vast majority of hotel guests are experiencing the pleasures of travel, the relaxation of a well-earned vacation, the joy of being pampered… However, for a small number of hotel visitors, the experience is as far from these pleasures as imaginable: victims of child sex trafficking, who are brought to a hotel against their will and essentially living a life of slavery.

By Florian Kriechbaumer - VP for Operations & Development for INTEREL

The majority of energy related activities in hospitality fall under the remit of engineering and facility management teams, whose approach is no longer limited to mechanical and physical activities, but needs to be driven by technology, connectivity and data.

By Alexandre Tsuk - Founder and

How can hoteliers get started making their environment cleaner and their businesses more sustainabl.

By Gabriel C. M. Laeis - PhD Candidate at Massey University

In the hotel business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has often been managed with one eye on the PR impact it might generate for the property.

By Benjamin Lephilibert - Managing Director LightBlue Environmental Consulting

Food waste has reached epic proportions. It is not just costly but also represents a dramatic environmental impact, too.

By Inge Huijbrechts - Global VP Responsible Business at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

After roughly a decade of successfully reducing water use in operations, the main hospitality companies are now looking at water beyond the borders of the hotel room, writes Inge Huijbrechts.

By Rohit Verma - Professor at Cornell School of Hotel Administration and Matthew Walsman - Assistant Professor at Rutgers Business School

The hospitality industry has finally embraced the challenge of tackling sustainability, with most hotel groups believing that operating a sustainable company is not just “a nice thing to do” but the new way of doing business, say Rutgers University’s Matthew Walsman and Cornell’s Rohit Verma.

By Jeanne Varney - Lecturer at The Hotel School in the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University

In a hotel, how do you get moving on identifying and implementing practical sustainability ideas and activities? Many properties have a “green team” tasked with doing just these things.

By Stefan Gössling - Professor at the School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University

The hospitality industry has myriad touchpoints where it could reduce its environmental footprint. Stefan Gössling, Professor at Sweden’s Linnaeus and Lund Universities, believes that the way to start is to identify incremental, easy-to-implement changes, which can have a substantial cumulative impact.

By Arnaud Herrmann - Sustainable Development Director at AccorHotels

Arnaud Herrmann, VP Sustainable Development at AccorHotels Group, asks, and answers, four critical questions that hotel groups face when designing and implementing sustainability programs.