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Publication date: 20 December 2013

The Hotel Yearbook 2014 is now available for immediate access. It features a comprehensive outlook for major geo markets as well as in-depth interviews with hotel group executives focusing on key segments including luxury and lifestyle brands.

Trevor Stuart-Hill is a revenue management strategist who has been recognized by HSMAI as one of the hospitality industry's top 25 minds in sales and marketing. We asked him how he saw this domain changing

By Ingo Schweder - CEO and founder of GOCO Hospitality and Horwath HTL Health & Wellness and Jennifer Wilson - Formerly with Horwath HTL

As of 2010, SRI had valued the global wellness tourism industry at US$ 106 billion, and three years later reported that its value had reached US$ 438.6 billion with a forecast to near US$ 680 billion by 2017, outpacing global tourism growth by nearly 50%.

Despite government efforts to stimulate the economy through tax breaks and accommodative monetary policy, Vietnam’s economy has not been able to jumpstart from the growth slowdown.

Hotel transaction activity in Spain 2014 could be expected to rise, as confidence in the country’s performance is stronger.

By Clare Fu - Consultant, Horwath HTL Asia Pacific

2014 will continue to welcome complementary openings and events that will facilitate tourism growth in Singapore.

By Marco van Bruggen - Senior consultant, Horwath HTL

Following the flat economic growth of 2013, the economy’s projected growth in 2014 is expected to be visible in the development of the demand for hotel rooms in Belgium as well.

By Ružica Herceg - Project Manager / Partner at Horwath HTL

With new announced hotel openings, we expect a shift in the quality structure of accommodation supply: the supply concept has been changing from the mass low-yield to higher class supply.

By Zoran Bačić - Senior Partner and Managing Director of Horwath HTL, Italy

Extra-European markets will stimulate demand in 2014 (+6.6%), with consolidation of the Japanese and US markets, according to a major national tourism watch.

By Giovanni Angelini - Advisor & Consultant at Angelini Hospitality

Searching for a manual on “How to Be a Forward-Looking GM” that will take you just ten minutes to read but the rest of your career to implement? Look no further.

By Demian Hodari - Professor of Strategic Management at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and Rachel Crawford - Head of Events and Special Initiatives for Generator

In a world where affordable technology, airlines and fashion are firmly geared towards engaging the youth generation isn’t it about time the hospitality industry caught up? Hotels, for example, could learn a thing or two from their often forgotten sibling, the hostel.

By Nicolas Graf - Associate Dean at NYUSPS Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism and Philippe Baretaud - Senior Vice President and Head of Development EMEA for Accor

Philippe Baretaud is Accor’s head of development in the EMEA region. On behalf of the Hotel Yearbook, Nicolas Graf, Academic Director of the MBA in hospitality at France’s ESSEC Business School, met with Philippe recently to talk about the outlook for growth, development and investment in the years ahead.

By Jeffrey Catrett - Academic Director at Institut Paul Bocuse

The hotel industry is steeped in traditions that go back centuries, yet it finds itself as well at the forefront of fashion and trendy new ideas.

By Sinisa Topalović - Project Manager at Horwath HTL

With the upcoming EXPO 2017, the future development of Astana’s tourism sector is certain, thanks to the high stakes involved in the success of this event.

2014 is an election year, so until after June, not much is expected in additional investment and economic activity.

By Philippe Doizelet - Managing Partner, Horwath HTL

Historically, the evolution of French RevPAR has been influenced by the growth in GDP and major events like the soccer World Cup in 1998 or the rugby World Cup in 2007.

By Per-Erik Winther - Formerly with Horwath HTL

It is expected a slight slow down in the Norwegian economy for 2014. However a ca 10% weaker exchan.

By Hannes Schied - Formerly with Horwath HTL

One of the greatest recent achievements of the Emirate of Dubai is its successful bid to host the Expo 2020, which was officially announced at the end of November 2013.

Currently, the conditions for the development of business activity are optimal, due mainly to an at.

By Susan Harmsworth - Founder & CEO of ESPA International

How could the global hotel spa industry evolve over the next decade? Susan Harmsworth MBE, Founder .

Wellness tourism is among the sectors with the greatest potential for development. International trends show a significant level of growth in the number of travelers looking for hotels and rest areas that offer natural therapies, spas and thalassotherapy.

By Ambika Gandhi - Formerly with Horwath HTL

Yangon’s tourist arrivals are likely to increase dramatically over the next five years, given the redevelopment plans for the Yangon and the Hanthawaddy International airports.

By Jeroen Oskam - Programme Manager European Tourism Futures Institute at Stenden University

The role of the European Tourism Futures Institute, located at Stenden University in the Netherlands, is to “paint pictures about the future of tourism”.

By Vijay Thacker - Director Horwath HTL India

General elections in or before April will impact policy initiatives and growth in the early part of 2014; greater political stability and sagacity will help the nation – distinct lack of bipartisan spirit has damaged the economy, its growth rate, investment attractiveness and mood.

By Anne-Marie Auriault - Senior Adviser – Head of Asset Management for Eurofin

Initially unorganized and rudimentary, it was not until the 1960s and 70s that the hospitality industry experienced significant change and growth.

By John Montgomery - Managing Director, Horwath HTL

There is significant interest in lodging development in all parts of the United States. Reportedly,.

By Koji Takabayashi - Managing Director at Horwath HTL, Japan

Looking ahead, we believe that Japan will capture more global attention. Tokyo has been selected as.

By Ingo Schweder - CEO and founder of GOCO Hospitality and Horwath HTL Health & Wellness and Noppawan Siriphol

Euromonitor (2013) forecasted that Thailand’s health and wellness tourism will continue to grow, becoming a market worth ca.

By Michele de Witt - Director at Horwath HTL South Africa

The challenges experienced by the Kenyan travel and tourism sector in 2013 are likely to continue to influence the sector’s performance in 2014.

By Tom Goldscheider - Formerly with Horwath HTL

Germany is a beacon for foreign investors, given its strong economy and tourism outlook. Cities on .

The projections for 2014 are positive. Hotels throughout the regions are reporting an increase in booking pace.

By Janusz Mitulski - Formerly with Horwath HTL

We predict that 2014 will be a period of very cautious and considered new hotel investments, and growth that began in the second half of the 2013 will continue.

By Casimir Platzer - President at the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA)

In mid-2013 Casimir Platzer took over the reins of the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA) as its new President.

By Michael W. McCormick - Executive Director at the GBTA

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is bullish on the future of business travel. Global business travel spending is on the rise, and they expect that trend to continue through next year and beyond.

By Ružica Herceg - Project Manager / Partner at Horwath HTL

Given a weak economic outlook projected for 2014, tourism receipts are expected to continue playing an important role, helping the current account balance.

By Robert A. Gilbert - President and CEO of the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

The year ahead promises to be one full of change for hotel sales, marketing and revenue management professionals, says Robert Gilbert, President of HSMAI, the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.

In 2014 the economies of the source markets for visitors to Mexico will enjoy better performance th.

By Linda Li - Project director, Horwath HTL Beijing Office

New policy to boost tourism. “The Outline for National Tourism and Leisure (2013-2020)” issued by the State Council of China aims to encourage people taking paid annual leave days and thus promote the healthy development of tourism services.

Chile is expected to keep on being regarded as a favorable destination both for tourism development and hotel investments, due to its political and economic stability and to the fact that the arrival of foreign tourists has increased steadily in recent years.

By Sergio Giorgetti - Fieldwork Director at Horwath HTL

By the end of 2013, the National Government seems to be applying some changes in the macroeconomic .

By Mariano Carrizo - Formerly with Horwath HTL

2014 will finally arrive and we will see the real impact, in performance terms, of the FIFA World Cup to be held next year in Brazil.

By Terry Ngan - Formerly with Horwath HTL

The IMF forecast in October 2013 that the New Zealand economy would grow by 2.9% in 2014, the 5th s.

By Max Starkov - President & CEO at HEBS Digital and Mariana Mechoso Safer - Senior VP, Marketing at HeBS Digital

The full e-book, about 124 pages in length, is available at

By Krystal Solarzano - Associate, WATG and Raj Chandnani - Vice President, Strategy for WATG and Wimberly Interiors

How will the hotel of the next decade change physically? What underlying trends are influencing top designers to adapt the way hotels look and feel – inside and out? We asked Raj Chandnani, Vice President of Strategy for WATG and its sister company Wimberly Interiors, to lead us on a highly visual walk through the key developments they are integrating into the hotels they are designing now.

By Marco van Bruggen - Senior consultant, Horwath HTL

As a rule, the Dutch hotel market can be considered to follow the development of the economy. However, the order appears to have reversed in recent years.

By Michael O’Hare - Managing Director, co-founder and partner of Horwath HTL Hungary & Russia

This is the year that Russia will be showcasing the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and despite adverse i.

By Keith Kefgen - Managing Director & CEO at AETHOS Consulting Group and James Houran - Managing Director at AETHOS Consulting Group

Is the social media phenomenon really a paradigm shift, or are these technologies merely new tools .

ondon will continue to attract tourists worldwide, and its ADR is expected to recover, resulting in.

By Steve Baek - Director at Horwath HTL Singapore

Soaring land prices (especially in Seoul) and low profitability in hotel operations have historically restrained developer interest in top-tier hotel development.

By Michele de Witt - Director at Horwath HTL South Africa

Tanzania’s travel and tourism sector has grown substantially in economic importance. In light of th.

By Damien Little - Director of Horwath HTL, Asia

The hotel supply pipeline for Thailand as of September 2013 stood at 93 hotels, representing about 16,000 rooms according to STR Global.

By Gerald Kroell - Formerly with Horwath HTL

As for the tourism outlook for 2014, Austria will continue its positive trend. This strong performance is driven by factors like tourism infrastructure and health & hygiene standards.

By Michele de Witt - Director at Horwath HTL South Africa

Ghana is forecast to register the strongest economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, largely driven by the country’s oil and gas industry.

By Metin Erdogdu - President, Horwath HTL, Turkey

İstanbul, because of its shortage in bed capacity and ever growing demand, both in leisure and business, will boom further with the start of megaprojects such as Kanal Istanbul.

By Christos Michaelides - Executive Chairman at Cypronetwork

Despite predictions of its demise as an international business center by its competitors and detrac.

By Chris Sheppardson - Founder of the Chess Group of Companies

As modern communications become faster and more open, there also appears to be a return to old fashioned values that lie at the heart of business – trust, personal relationships, and community.

By Stephen Farrant - Head of the International Tourism Partnership

The full e-book, about 124 pages in length, is available at

By Hans E. Koch - President of the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA)

What are the key challenges the General Manager of a hotel will face over the next five years? We a.

By Kam Hung - Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Working with more than 40 Chinese hoteliers, Prof. Kam Hung from Hong Kong Polytechnic University developed a SWOT analysis of the Chinese hotel industry, as seen by its insiders.

By Trevor Stuart-Hill - Founder and president of Revenue Matters

Trevor Stuart-Hill is a revenue management strategist who has been recognized by HSMAI as one of the hospitality industry's top 25 minds in sales and marketing. We asked him how he saw this domain changing

By Michaela Wehrle - Partner & Project Manager, Horwath HTL’s Swiss office

A main topic featured in almost every discussion on tourism over the last 18 months and will contin.

By Bernhard Bohnenberger - President of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas

Only a handful of the world’s hospitality groups are truly synonymous with luxury in the most exclusive and stunning settings imaginable.

By Sen Soon-Mun - Director - Kuala Lumpur / Pacific Asia at Horwath HTL

VMY 2014 is the 4th “Visit Malaysia Year”. The last VMY was 2007 and it registered arrivals over 21 million, an increase of approximately 20% over 2006.

By Matt Gebbie - Director, Pacific Asia at Horwath HTL

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of Indonesia and indeed tourism in and around Indonesia, with numerous incredible destinations that have barely been discovered by adventure tourists let alone the mass market.

By Denis Morisset - Executive Director - ESSEC MBA in International Luxury Brand Management and Bruno H. Schöpfer - Managing Director of Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG

Will luxury change in the years ahead? When does the pairing of a world renowned luxury brand and a.

By Rohit Verma - Professor at Cornell School of Hotel Administration and Glenn Withiam - Director of publications for the Center for Hospitality Research

The full e-book, about 124 pages in length, is available at

By Michele de Witt - Director at Horwath HTL South Africa

South Africans will go to the polls in 2014; consequently the first half of 2014 is likely to be dominated by election-related activities.

By Michele de Witt - Director at Horwath HTL South Africa

Zambia’s tourism sector is recognized as a priority sector and as such, the Zambian government has developed and implemented national tourism policies to promote private sector-driven tourism which has seen an increase in tourist arrivals into the country.

By Enda Larkin - Owner/Director at HTC Consulting

Competitiveness implies (at the very least) focusing on being better than your competitors. Sounds simple, but as Enda Larkin, principal at HTC Consulting in Geneva, reminds us, it entails setting sensible priorities and skillfully managing the interplay of several strategically important elements.