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iVvy is a leading service technology provider delivering Event Management, Venue Management and Distribution Solutions to the meetings, functions and.


iVvy, the Online Group Bookings and Hotel Sales Management Software Gets Ready to Dazzle at ROC Americas 2019

iVvy Inc., the leading Venue Management Software company, today announced they will be exhibiting their award-winning technology at the 2019 Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) in Minneapolis. ROC

Shaking Up Your Marketing Strategy: How Millennials Are Shaping the Way Hotels Operate
By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

As a hotelier, the process of (effectively) marketing to millennials might have initially presented itself as a rather daunting task. Just how much buying power and influence do millennials have

iVvy Expands Global Presence to Drive Continued Market Demand and Growth

iVvy Inc., the award-winning global Venue Management Software company, today announced the addition of two new executives to their executive team. Daniel Melnyk has been appointed to VP Sales

Kristi White Appointed SVP of Operations, representing the Americas at iVvy in Varsity Lakes, Australia

Kristi White is a thirty-year industry veteran. She has advised hundreds of hotels around the world on their business strategy, improving hotel performance and overall profitability. She

Daniel Melnyk Appointed VP Sales for Canada and USA at iVvy in Varsity Lakes, Australia

Daniel Melnyk is a seasoned hotelier with over 10 years of experience with independent, brand and franchise portfolios with a passion for technology as a tool to help hoteliers grow their revenue. He

Solving the Broken Group Booking Process to Grow your Sales in 2019
By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

There's no denying it — 2019 is projected to be an exciting and, better yet, profitable year for the hospitality industry. With the consumer-driven evolution of personalization, the widespread embrace

Future-Proofing Your Hotel’s Group & Event Business
By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

In almost any industry today, failure to keep up with future trends represents a failure to evolve your product or service according to robust and changing consumer expectations. In the case

How Hotels Can Leverage Online Sales & Catering Solutions to Drive Direct Bookings, Increase Conversions, and Help Your Sales Staff Focus on Higher Value Business
By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

In the hospitality realm, a propertys success can more or less be defined by two primary identifiers. First, the revenue generated from bookings and on-property during each stay or event and second

Hotel Buyouts, Online Bookings and Other Trends Redefining Groups, Meetings and Events Industry
By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

Our world and the technology which shapes our experiences is always changing. In a perpetual forward motion, companies across all industries are fervently working to stay ahead of the curve and avoid

CEO of iVvy Lauren Hall Talks Groups and Event Technology and Making the RFP a Thing of the Past
By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

The events and meeting segment of the hospitality industry has come a long way in the last few years. With the rapid progression and disruption of mobile and consumer-centric technology changing