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Coronavirus: Your Rights As A Traveller

With new cases of the coronavirus being diagnosed in more and more locations, it's hard to predict where it will pop up next. But one thing is for certain: the disease has already become a nightmare for

A Rise In Hotel And Cruise Bookings

A rise in hotel and cruise bookings has helped European travel group Tui sail through another year with more than 10% growth in profits. It said next year, profits would grow a similar amount as customers

Inverness Hotel Staff Shortages 'Due To Brexit'

Hoteliers in the Highlands say Brexit has caused a shortage in hospitality industry staff to reach "crisis levels". Inverness Hotels Association said applications to vacancies from workers in continental

'150 Hotels Under Threat After Bank Closure' | BBC

The Irish Hotel Federation has claimed 150 hotels are under threat after the announcement that Bank of Scotland Ireland is to close.

Video: fast:track examines hotel loyalty cards |

There have been some great deals around, as the big hotel chains struggled to keep rooms full whilst also trying to balance their books - but because of all those deals many of us have been jumping from brand to brand.