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Vizergy serves the world’s hospitality industry with conversion optimized website design and fiercely competitive tools to maximize revenue. Our formula for success includes cutting-edge technologies, proven digital marketing programs and the best professionals in the industry.


Vizergy’s Newest CMS Feature Keeps Hospitality Clients Ahead of the Competition

Vizergy, the hospitality industry's leading provider in digital marketing software solutions, just released a feature that will keep their clients ahead of the competition. The new feature, Vizergy's

Increase Direct Bookings for Hotels

In the world of hotel booking wars, OTAs are proving that hoteliers must get creative in their direct booking techniques to attract visitors to their property's website. Below are a few tactics put

Domain Rebrand Product Available!

Is your hotel property going through a rebrand and you need to switch your domain/ url? Vizergy is here to assist

CMS Enhancement: Online Media & Campaign Tracking

Vizergy’s latest enhancement to their CMS platform gives clients better tracking and reporting using Adobe Analytics

Brand Consistency with Site Live: Ranchos De Los Caballeros

Ranchos de los Caballeros, a long-time partner with Vizergy, just launched a brand new custom, responsive website with a gorgeous design

Rate Leakage a Problem for Hotels?

Vizergy's Director of Client Services, Ross McAlpine, weighs in on whether or not rate leakage is a problem for hotels. As someone who works with hotels on their direct booking strategy, I know

Tips to Boost Direct Bookings for Hotels

With so much competition from OTAs for direct bookings, hoteliers need to be savvy with the techniques to attract visitors to their property's website. Below are a few strategies put together

The Importance of Website Personalization for Hoteliers
By Trish Leighton - Sr. Manager Search Marketing Services at Vizergy

Personalization is all the rage in the travel industry, right now. Today's marketers have plenty of opportunity to personalize their customer's online experience. For hotel properties, website

Crafting Personalized Campaigns to Drive Direct Bookings

Once you determine a desired target audience, you can begin crafting personalized campaigns that speak to a specific demographic. Mapping personalized content to deliver to a unique audience improves

Creating Unique Experiences for Hotel Website Visitors

Creating unique experiences for website visitors using personalization tactics starts with determining target audiences