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Driven. Balanced. Principled. Energetic. Inspired. These words best describe The Hotel Group, a spirited venture in the hospitality industry begun in Edmonds, Washington in 1984.

Hotel Group

Hospitality Financial Leadership Roger Penske & The Hotel PMS
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

I had a chance meeting with Roger Penske in the parking lot behind the paddock in October 1994 at the Indy Car Grand Prix of Monterey in Laguna Seca, California. It was the end of qualifying

Hospitality Financial Leadership City/Region Wide Supply and Demand Analysis
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

When you are preparing your budgets, an incredibly valuable tool is what I refer to as the "citywide supply and demand analysis." I didn't come up with this, however, I am going to explain how

Hospitality Financial Leadership - The 5 Hidden Costs of Being Branded
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

Marriott. Hilton. IHG. Wyndham. Choice. For years these chains have publicized the advantages of working with them: advanced loyalty programs that promise to bring consistent customers, low fees

Earned and Unearned Revenues – Understanding the Difference
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

Just like baseball has an unearned run as a scoring feature, in business we have unearned revenues. In this piece I will discuss the difference between earned and unearned revenue and how it applies

Hospitality Financial Leadership Bring Multi-Tasking to an End for Hotel Leaders
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

I am going to begin this piece with a quote because I know there is BIG TIME pushback on the idea of multi-tasking. Being so popular in our modern work society the idea of multi-tasking is more than

Understanding the Importance and Use of The Reserve for Capital Replacement
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

The concept for the use of the reserve account is important to understand. It is also essential that hotel operators ensure the reserve is properly funded per the terms of the Hotel Management

Hospitality Financial Leadership The Matching Principle
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

I tell my Introductory Hospitality Financial Leadership Workshop participants that the concept behind the matching principle is "the most important concept today." Why? When it comes to producing

The Top 10 Interview Questions About The Hotel's Finances for a General Manager and the Best Answers
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

Interviews are tricky, for both the candidate and the interviewer. A GM's job interview is a challenge for the incumbent because they need to be ready for just about anything. This is especially true

OTA’s and How Hotels Can Best Use Them
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

A lot gets said about OTA's and most of it is negative coming from the hotel world. I get it on one hand as I was the one having to explain to owners each month why our commission expense

What Is Leadership?
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

Leadership can be a confusing application. Just google leadership and you will get so much information it can make your head spin. I am going to try and simplify the definition of leadership