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Oracle Hospitality brings over 40 years of experience in providing technology solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming, and cruise lines.

Oracle Ecosystem Ignites Innovation to Accelerate Hospitality Recovery

Oracle Hospitality is committed to helping the hospitality industry get back to business. To support this effort, Oracle, with support from HTNG, recently hosted Innovation Week, a collaborative event

Oracle Hosts Innovation Week to Help Accelerate Recovery Solutions

The need to innovate hotel operations for a new marketplace - altered by emerging health safety regulations and escalating guest demands - has never been more apparent. That's why Oracle Hospitality is

Get Cloud Savvy: Free Online Training for OPERA and Simphony

While catering to guests is temporarily on hold at many hotel properties, the current business slowdown provides an otherwise unavailable window to explore new learning opportunities and brush up on skills

Lending a Hand: Hospitality Leads Relief Efforts

With corporations ceasing business travel and consumers canceling vacations to shelter in place, the hospitality industry is enduring unprecedented challenges. Yet despite the adversity, our colleagues

Converting Your Hotel Into a Hospital? We Can Help

We are inspired by the extraordinary stories we are hearing from our customers and throughout the industry about hoteliers stepping up amid the current shortage of hospital beds.

The Beautiful World of Distribution: What Do Hotels Want and What Do They Really Need?

By: Annika van Bracht, Product Manager Hotel Strategy and SolutionsThe world of distribution is beautiful, rich and diverse with countless options to explore.But there in also lies the challenge: With

Guy Harvey Resort Adopts OPERA Cloud to Accelerate Hotel Innovation

Data security issues - especially in an era of headline-grabbing, business-crippling cyberattacks - often serve as motivation for a move to cloud. In fact, just a threat of a breach, prompted Guy Harvey

Hotels Maximize Event Revenue Potential with Oracle

Event space rentals, planning and catering are critical to maximizing hotel revenue, but they are often managed by hotel sales and operations working in silos, creating inefficiencies and missed opportunities

Hotels Worldwide Check Into Cloud with Oracle

Hoteliers know they must deliver exceptional experiences to keep guests happy and loyal. To do so, hospitality brands are choosing Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud services to personalize guest experiences