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The Power of Sponsored Listings for Travel Publishers
By Bill Chase - General Manager at Koddi

Like so many online businesses today, travel publishers, aggregators and metasearch destinations face a challenging road when it comes to driving and maintaining strong revenue per user. At the same time

Google Destination Search Update Brings Promoted Hotels to Prominence

This week, Google updated its Destination Search layout after the initial reintroduction of Promoted Hotels. The filtering options, search function, and map navigation remain the same, but the size and

Kayak and Trivago Testing New Desktop User Experiences

As metasearch continues to grow and users continue to seek out better booking experiences, we see publishers making updates to meet these demands. Recently, we spotted Kayak and Trivago testing new user

Google Reintroduces Promoted Hotels to Hotel Search

After a brief appearance during 2018, the long-awaited and high-impact product from Google, Promoted Hotels, is back on the front pages of Google Hotel Search. Google continues to increase its efforts

New Lowest Price Deals Experience on Trivago

Trivago has recently begun experimenting with a new user experience that attempts to meet travelers' needs by utilizing lowest price callouts to better reflect consumer preferences. What is this new user

Facebook Travel Ads for Cruises and Vacation Packages

Facebook Travel Ads were originally built for single-location offers, but today, advertisers are using Facebook to dynamically promote cruises, vacation packages, and other multi-destination travel offerings

New Booking Button Spotted on Google Hotel Ads

Our team recently spotted a new element on Google Hotel Ad displays. This new feature is a blue booking button for the top-ranked property on Google's hotel search. One of our analysts first spotted this

Creating Hotel Campaigns in Google Ads

As you may have heard, Google is migrating Hotel Ads from the Hotel Ads Center to Google Ads this summer. The migration to Google Ads makes it possible for hotel advertisers to manage all of their campaigns

What Hotel Marketers Need to Know About the Migration to Google Ads
By Brian Batts - Vice President Client Relations at Koddi

Google's massive role in growing the travel metasearch industry cannot be overstated, with many travelers today turning to the search engine as their very first stop when planning a trip and booking a

Google Experiments With Room Booking Module Placement

Recently, our team observed a new modification to the layout of the metasearch results and room booking module in Google's hotel search. In the screenshot above, you can see the new test locations highlighted