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With offices in several major international cities, Intelity is a software solution company focused on the self-service market. In 2007, our founder left his position as an executive within the hospitality industry because he realized there was an opportunity for hoteliers to use emerging technologies to benefit themselves and guests.

3 Industry Leaders Share How COVID-19 Is Transforming Casino-Resorts

Find out how gaming leaders see casinos shifting from face-to-face experiences to contactless service in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic. It's no surprise that COVID-19 has done devastating damage

5 Reasons Contactless Technology is the Future of Hospitality

Are companies that invest in hospitality technology--especially during a crisis--setting themselves up for failure? Absolutely not. Here are the stats to prove it.

Safe, Separate, Sanitary: Your Cheat Sheet to AHLA Guidelines

Earlier this week, the AHLA revealed their new “Safe Stay” guidelines, a set of recommended hotel safety measures for American properties. As Chip Rogers, AHLA president and CEO, told USA TODAY, “It’s

INTELITY and JOINGO Partner to Drive Contactless Engagement for Casino-Resorts

INTELITY®, the provider of the travel industry's most comprehensive guest engagement and staff management platform, announced today a new partnership with JOINGO, a leading-edge mobile technology provider

4 Strategies from Hospitality Leaders to Help Hotels Find Success Post-Lockdown

Why cleanliness and contactless service are here to stay, steep discounts are a bad idea, and trust is the foundation upon which your post-pandemic business will be built.

How the IoT and Voice Technology are Changing the Guest Experience
By Megan Pope - Vice President of Marketing, INTELITY

We're living in fast-changing, high-tech times, and hospitality industry players need to adapt in order to stay relevant. A recent study conducted by Zebra Technologies found that 66 percent of guests

Why Mobile Check-In Is Becoming a Necessity in the Age of Social Distancing

With the meteoric rise of contactless delivery and contactless payments, expect contactless check-in to become a key differentiator for hotels across the world.

How 5 Industry Leaders Predict COVID-19 is Changing the Future of Hospitality

Discover why safety, flexibility, and innovation are emerging as the top tools hoteliers will need to recover from the global crisis. Right now, 80% of the hotel rooms in the United States stand empty.

Recouping Losses from a Drop in Occupancy

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the travel sector into a cloud of uncertainty. As the result of worldwide travel slowing to a near standstill, US occupancy rates have declined over 67% compared with

Leveraging Technology to Automate Hotel Operations

The right tools can help you do more with less With the coronavirus outbreak causing dramatic shifts across the hospitality industry, many hoteliers may be faced with the unfortunate and difficult task