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Leisure Demand Boom Came Early For Key West Resort

The summer leisure season, as predicted, has been bountiful for beach and resort destinations, as travel demand pent up by the pandemic is unleashed in the U.S. But for the Ocean’s Edge Resort and Marina

New Hotel Openings In California Are Up, But Hotel Construction Is Down

California’s hotel development trends are showing the effects of both recovering demand as well as lasting pandemic challenges. The number of hotels that opened in California in the first half of 2021

US Hoteliers Hopeful Despite Slowing Vaccination Rates

Top U.S. officials had openly professed hopes the upcoming Fourth of July weekend would mark a return to normal for the country, with a target of at least 70% of adults having received at least one dose

Hotel Marketing Focuses on Seniors, the Most Widely Vaccinated Group of Travelers

Travelers are starting to hit the road again as millions are vaccinated against COVID-19 and are feeling more comfortable about taking long-overdue vacations, with one of the biggest segments of the vaccinated

When It Comes to Hotel Groups, Everybody's Working for the Weekend

A full recovery of the U.S. hotel sector relies on the return of three sources of room demand: leisure travelers, corporate transient and large industry and private groups. Group demand declined sharply

Hotel Companies Defer to Local Guidelines as Federal Mask Restrictions Loosen

With the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxing mask recommendations and various states and municipalities rolling back their own restrictions as more Americans get vaccinated, a varied

US Hotels Prepare For Memorial Day Weekend Demand Surge

U.S. hoteliers expect more guests for Memorial Day weekend this year as more people are vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and restrictions and guidelines ease. Memorial Day weekend hotel occupancy

Tech Habits Changed During Pandemic

While consumers were stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of their tech-related habits changed significantly, according to research from The Pew Research Center and Oracle. Online Ordering

Owners Reconsider Hotels' Positioning, Actively Pursue Deals

The COVID-19 pandemic is making hotel owners reevaluate their strategies either because of the challenges the pandemic has caused or the opportunities it has created. The Hotel Asset Managers Association

Hoteliers See Value in Airbnb Listings Even As Demand Falters

Home sharing and Airbnb listings might have fared at least marginally better than the broader hotel industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, but some boutique hoteliers who list on Airbnb said bookings on