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Horwath HTL Industry Report: Tourism & Hospitality: Country Re-Opening Policies

We recently wrote a series of reports which examined government support that was available to hospitality businesses around the world. It became clear that there were a number of measures that could be

Horwath HTL Market Report: Caribbean - Market Update

Some of those impacts are already being felt throughout the world, others are looming and very difficult to predict, which leads analysts to a higher than usual level of caution and reluctance when dealing

Horwath HTL Industry Report: USA Hospitality Sector & COVID-19 impact

The COVID-19 pandemic is a random event that has occasioned an impossibly sharp economic downturn and near-depression-level unemployment, the cause of which is neither an asset bubble bursting nor another

Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: New Zealand Hotel Industry and the impact of COVID-19

Business confidence among New Zealand's hard-hit hotel sector is much bleaker than business confidence in general, according to a new survey. The New Zealand Hotel Market Sentiment Survey was undertaken

Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: Australian Hotel Industry and the impact of COVID-19 (Second Version)

The Second Australian Hotel Sentiment Survey reports the ongoing status of the accommodation sector, and seeks to highlight those factors underpinning current operational challenges. We have again gauged

Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: Thailand Hotel Industry and the impact of COVID-19

Thailand was one of the first Asian countries to be hit with a COVID-19 case, and transmission has since spread to surpass the two-thousand range.

Benelux Hoteliers expect relatively quick recovery of local market, and slow recovery of international market

Hoteliers in the Netherlands and Belgium expect that the corona crisis will have a long-term impact, but will eventually recover. This is shown in new research by Horwath HTL. The domestic market will

Horwath HTL - 2019 USA Hotel Market - Trends & Analysis Report
By Michael Cummings - Managing Director Horwath HTL and Richard Keegan - Senior Associate at Horwath HTL Orlando

The COVID-19 pandemic, an external shock that has upended the trajectory of the U.S. and global economy, has forced economists and industry prognosticators to revise their forecasts to account for its

Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: Australian Hotel Industry and the impact of COVID-19

This sentiment survey was conducted by Horwath HTL Singapore, in partnership with AHS Advisory, to gauge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hotels across Australia. Hotel owners and operators in Australia

Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: China Hotel Market And The Impact Of COVID-19

China Hotel Market Sentiment Survey on the influence of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Market sentiment in China has plummeted to a historically low score, with the degree of pessimism reflected across