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Managing the Risk of Fraud During COVID-19
By Kevin Doyle - Forensic Accountant and Organizational Compliance Consultant at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Then I remembered what was going on… Back to the kitchen counter… These are truly unprecedented times. I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have around the potential unintended consequences connected

Crisis Management for Pandemic, Hurricane or Terrorist Threat
By Chuck Kelley - Lodging Operations Consultant & Partner with Cayuga Hospitality consultants

What Makes for Successful Crisis Management? Whether you are responding to a potential pandemic, a natural catastrophe or a terrorist threat the opportunity for success is driven by preparedness. By this

Are You Managing F&B Effectively During COVID-19?
By Jim Lopolito - Owner of Lopolito Hospitality Consultants, Corp. (LHC)

Here are some methods of implementation that you can consider for your business. Hopefully, there are some ideas here that will result in a more stabilized position when recovery begins. Whatever you have

Hotel Marketing Crisis Management Successes, Do’s and Don’ts
By Gordon Carncross - Partner and consultant at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Planning During SARS Let me tell you about one of those successes. When the SARS virus hit our city hard in spring 2003, we had our biggest hotels go from occupancy levels around 85% to 18%. Panic had

The Gift of Resetting and New Beginnings
By Luis Gallotti - Co-Founder and Director at Amek Group

Imagine a game that never ends. Imagine a workday that never finishes. Imagine a train that never stops. That's how we have been living. No doubt that today's situation brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty

10 Ways Restaurants Can Survive and Thrive through the Pandemic
By Alan Someck - Full Service Hospitality Consultant

The restaurant industry is not dead. It just became a temporary tragic victim within a global traumatic condition that threatens its very survival. There is a difference. There will be many restaurants

Reduce Restaurant Theft With Better Onboarding And Reporting Practices
By Juliette Gust - Founder and President and of Ethics Suite, and a member of Cayuga Hospitality consultants

An extensive study of theft among restaurant workers was conducted recently by three researchers from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. The results — based on transaction

Hotel Development: Boutique Hotels vs Chain Hotels
By Jon Peck - President of Peck Hotel Consulting and active Consultant with Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Boutique hotel supply and demand is growing at a much faster pace than traditional branded hotels. According to the 2019 Boutique Hotel Study by the Highland Group, demand for boutique hotels grew at a

OS&E Design Takes Center Stage, Successful Brands Don’t Let it Become an Afterthought
By Cara Federici - CEO & Founder of The Madison Melle Agency

Imagine a hotel is a doll house. Go ahead. Pick it up, shake it around and turn it upside down. What happens? Well, it's likely that anything not glued down will fall out onto the floor. Most of these

Responsible Growth, From An Operators Perspective
By Chuck Kelley - Lodging Operations Consultant & Partner with Cayuga Hospitality consultants

Sure, we all wanted to grow the business by opening new lodging products within our areas of responsibility. In fact, it was kind of a race from region to region and brand to brand to see who could grow