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Data and hotel security: Everything you need to know about protecting your data, your property, and your business

Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from any kind of loss or fraud, as well as protecting individual information during an exchange or transaction.

Security slip-ups: Steer clear of these five hotel security mistakes

In light of recent tragedies and incidents, it’s become clear that hotels and resorts are highly vulnerable to crime and security threats. In these uncertain times, five-star hotel security is no longer

Know before you go: 10 tips to successfully negotiate brand contracts

Chances are you have questions about hotel franchise agreements. As an owner, your bottom line is on the line, and you shoulder the most risk in an agreement with a brand or franchise. Aim for the most

The most common HR mistakes that lead to hotel industry lawsuits - and how to prevent them

Legal experts say the hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to human resources-related lawsuits that can be separated into two distinct categories: wage and hour claims, and sexual harassment

Surviving natural disasters in hospitality

How do you measure the hospitality of your hotel? Is it the comfort of the rooms? The design of the lobby? The perks you offer? Many may say that amenities and services are what hotels thrive on, and while

What makes a hotel a smart hotel?

Today’s hotel owners are met with technology options on every side, from voice-activated room enhancements to information that drives more insight on the back end. So, how does a hotel owner become savvier

When technology misses the mark

Yani Deros has moved hotel mattresses and dug under desks to find an outlet for charging his devices. Tom Moore has found himself wary of hotel WiFi security. And Michael Driedger has touched what looked

Finding uses for blockchain technology in the hotel industry

In the digital economy, hoteliers have started to embrace new technology to enhance the guest experience and streamline operations. Guests book rooms, order room service, make a reservation at the spa,

Connecting with young and old

There are only so many marketing dollars in any hotel’s budget, and it’s important to make them count. Here are insights from four hospitality executives into how to reach travelers across a wide range