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The Hotel and Resort Macroeconomic Outlook for 2020 and 2021
By Mary Jo Finocchiaro - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of BRE Hotels & Resorts

As 2020 rapidly approaches and the hotel industry is wrapping up its 10th consecutive year of growth since the Great Recession, hospitality industry professional MaryJo Finocchiaro, Chief Financial Officer

The Crab Tasted Funny… - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

"No one but my wife had crab cakes in the hotel restaurant last night, and about 4 a.m……" A miserable problem for the guest's wife but also a difficulty for me. The caller had no doubt that his wife was

Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 223: Hotel History: The Wales Hotel (1902)
By Stanley Turkel - CMHS, Hotel consultant

Hotel History: The Wales Hotel One of the most charming historic hotels in New York, the Wales Hotel is closing its doors in 2020. It opened in 1902 as the 92-room Hotel Chastaignery on 92nd Street and

Striking The Delicate Balance Between Hospitality And Security
By Harry Kazakian - President/CEO of Los Angeles-based USA Express Legal and Investigative Services

Yet, in a lawsuit, staff of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas were considered among the contributory factors when a mass murderer slipped past them to carry out his plan to turn his 32nd floor room as

Free Services - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

A few years ago, Quantas abruptly cancelled flights after an engine exploded. Other airlines followed. Their passengers were stuck in hotels. Within days calls began arriving from guests running out of

Questions I Wish You Would Ask Metm - J R Davis, Producer/Owner Winco Productions, Nashville Tennessee USA

“Questions I Wish You Would Ask Me™” includes interviews such as those found in our HOSPITALITY CONVERSATIONS, and and it also allows industry professional the opportunity to share their perspectives,

HVS Market Pulse: Madison, Wisconsin
By Dana Waud Floberg - Director with HVS Chicago

Madison, the state capital and seat of government for the state of Wisconsin, is home to a diverse economy, including education, healthcare, insurance, government, and technology. Although long home to

HVS Market Pulse: Interstate 5 Corridor Tourism Destinations in Oregon
By Breanna S. Smith - Vice President, Portland and Lauren Reynolds - Associate with the HVS Portland office

Salem Salem, the state capital of Oregon, has not historically been known as a tourism destination. However, in recent years, the city's local economy has diversified to include manufacturing, distribution

Crushing My Hopes - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

I didn't recognize the number on caller ID, and when I heard "This is Adele from L'Hermitage" I nearly dropped the phone. L'Hermitage never calls. I serve many luxury hotels (the Langham in distant Pasadena

2019 U.S. Hotel Franchise Fee Guide
By Kasia M. M. Russell - Managing Director and Senior Partner with the HVS Portland office and Bomie Kim - Senior Research Analyst

The HVS U.S. Hotel Franchise Fee Guide provides a comparative review of various hotel franchises based on their applicable franchise fees. The selection of an appropriate franchise affiliation affects