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What Countries Can Americans Travel To? Here's Your July Update

July is an exciting month for international travel as more countries open their borders to foreign travelers. Airlines are offering more domestic and international flight options than in the last few months

Airline Bookings Start To Tumble Again As Coronavirus Cases Spike

New York (CNN Business) - Airline trabut so are American coronavirus cases. That spike could put the aviation rebound in reverse. United Airlines (UAL) presented sobering facts to employees Monday that

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine on new app that helps restaurants reopen safely

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine joins "Closing Bell" to talk about a new app that can help restaurants reopen safely.

Air travel in six months: What it will look like

Summer vacations used to mean wine tasting in Tuscany, backpacking in Southeast Asia or trips to the Grand Canyon. But fears that airplanes could be a breeding ground for Covid-19 infections have wreaked

The Coming Apocalypse for U.S. Airline Labor

Throughput at U.S. airport checkpoints, TSA figures show, is rising fast from its April lows. Twice last week, volumes topped 600,000, compared with fewer than 90,000 in mid-April. It's still a small fraction

This Hotel Has a Robot Named Rosé That Will Deliver Wine to Your Room Without Human Contact

If you plan on traveling again soon, rest assured that hotels are doing everything they can to make sure you have peace-of-mind — that includes your room service. Popping open a bottle of wine and unwinding

Us Hotels Show Slight Uptick In May

SALISBURY, Connecticut - States reopened, weekend occupancy soared and now COVID-19 numbers spike. More cases could impact business and group travel in H2. For now, we look at May and are grateful that

Restrictions leave US travelers high and dry

(CNN) - In downtown Buffalo, New York, crossing the border into Ontario, Canada, used to be as easy as driving one mile across the Peace Bridge over the Niagara River. But that's now a forbidden route.

What happened when luxury hotels swapped tourists for medical workers

(CNN) — To say the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the hotel industry is something of an understatement.Countless big names were forced to close due to safety concerns and plummeting

Is it worth it to bundle flights and hotels? Here's what to know as you start traveling again

The coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented need for consumers to cancel travel plans. Many travelers have encountered frustration changing arrangements, canceling trips and obtaining refunds. Some