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Black-Owned Agencies in the U.S. Carve a Successful Niche in African Tourism

Henderson Travel, a black-owned agency founded back in the Civil Rights era, pioneered roots travel to Africa. Its continued success is a testament not just to the popularity of genealogical tourism, but

U.S. Bans Large Electronic Devices on Inbound Flights From Middle East and Africa

A ban on large electronic devices on direct flights from eight countries in the Middle East and Africa will affect nine airlines and continue indefinitely on approximately 50 flights per day, according

Every Visa Application Denied for Annual Trade-Summit Attendees

When the African Global Economic and Development Summit kicked off in Los Angeles on March 16, some very important voices were absent: No one from Africa attended the annual three-day conference. Mary

EY's Global hospitality insights - Top 10 thoughts for 2017

While investors and developers remain active globally, market participants enter 2017 with a more cautious outlook relative to the prior year. The growth observed in most global markets has begun to decelerate