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Impressing The General Manager - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

Years ago Prentice-Hall published The Man’s Health Book, and UPS delivered my ten free copies. Usually I gave those to family and friends. Except for my mother, no one reads them, so I wondered if I could

Why I Am A Patriot - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

Hot summer days remind me of why I love America. We appreciate air conditioning. Citizens of most other nations consider it unhealthy. They tolerate it as an exotic American quirk, but as soon as someone

Something To Knock It Out, Part 3 - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

Her vacation had been a disaster so far, the guest explained. Worse, when she tried to buy amoxicillin to knock out her bronchitis, the pharmacist told her she needed a prescription. This was obviously

Something To Knock It Out, Part 2 - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

Influenza had kept a guest in bed three days with fever, body aches, and general misery. He had meetings, he said, and needed something to knock it out. While antibiotics don’t affect influenza, antiviral

A Mystery - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

Universal Assistance asked me to see a young woman with abdominal pain at the Airport Marriott. According to the dispatcher, she had no other symptoms. Arriving in the room, I learned things the insurance

Could You Take A Quick Look? - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

“My other son is coming down with something. Do you mind taking a quick look?” If you wonder if it annoys doctors to see an extra patient at the last minute, it does. They grumble regularly on physician

It’s Not Constipation - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

In the room, I was prepared to diagnose a routine stomach virus until I pulled back the covers and saw her swollen abdomen. “Is this how your stomach usually looks?” I asked. She denied it. She also had

Loyalty - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

As long as they do good work, doctors assume patients will remain loyal, but hotel doctors learn not to be so trusting. Helping sick guests produces no income for the hotel. Ninety percent are not terribly

Are You Checking In? - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

“Welcome to the Biltmore. Are you checking in?” That is not my favorite greeting, because it means the valet doesn’t recognize me. My response is always: “I’m the hotel doctor. I’ll be here twenty minutes

Human Nature - The Life Of A Hotel Doctor

An elderly Mexican psychoanalyst was attending a psychoanalytic convention, but a cold was making her so miserable that she wanted to return home early. This seemed an excellent call in many ways. The