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The Dummies Guide to Facebook Native Ads for Hotels

No worries, you are not alone. A lot of Hotels and brands have a misperception of Facebook Ads. It is not your fault. There is a lot of individuals and brands online today that take advantage

California Assembly Members Propose Elimination of Single-Use Plastic Amenity Bottles

Legislation introduced by California Assembly Member Ash Kalra and coauthored by Assembly Member Mark Stone would eliminate the small, single-use plastic bottles used to provide amenities

Give Yourself A Round Of Applause…
By Mark Lewis-Brown - CEO & President of Vertical Booking USA

It's an exciting time for you, as a hotelier. Why, you ask? Because hotels are making huge leaps in taking back bookings from the OTAs. According to PhocusWright, "direct bookings accounted for around

Looking Back and Forward: These Six Tech Trends Are Still Reshaping 2019
By Anna Kucirkova - Outreach Associate at Connex Digital

Technology in recent years has evolved at such a rapid pace and taken us further into a sci-fi-like future faster than our ancestors could have ever predicted. From smart home-enabled devices

The Need for Speed: Why Site Performance Matters So Much
By Michael Del Gigante - Chief Executive Officer at MDG Advertising

Marketers agonize over so many aspects of their brand websites, from picking the perfect fonts to finding the most compelling words for call-to-action buttons, yet they often fail to pay enough

By Robert A. Gilbert - President and CEO of the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

The state of the art in hospitality digital marketing involves engaging guests more proactively — sometimes before they even think about connecting with you.

Experiential Calluses Against Poor CX
By Shep Hyken - Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

That brings us to a dinner I recently attended where I met Terry Rapoch, a consultant from Dayton, Ohio. We were talking about why people put up with bad service - especially service