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The technological and social trends that will shape the hospitality industry in the next 10 years

Global hospitality is at a crossroads. In the last 20 years, technology has transformed every aspect of the guest journey, from online bookings to in-room services to post-stay feedback

The dos and don't of Instagram Stories: hotel marketing tips

Since Instagram introduced Stories in 2016, the platform has proven to be a successful channel for hotels. We all know that social media has become pay-to-play. And that the visual aesthetic

Five Advanced Metasearch Strategies for Improving Campaign Performance

Metasearch has grown into an incredibly important channel in 2019 and has become more competitive than ever for advertisers. Advertisers that are looking to maximize growth and performance must

Marriott to Build World's Tallest Modular Hotel in Manhattan

This unusual style of construction has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Still, despite its advantages, upfront costs and limited factory size could make more widespread adoption slow

How to thrive amid disruption in a globalised world: Lessons from tech and travel giants

At the STB Tourism Industry Conference earlier this week, a cast of tech giants from Expedia, Alibaba and Google, moderated by WiT’s Yeoh Siew Hoon, discussed a burning topic in travel and beyond: how

How Bars, Pubs and Restaurants Must Adapt to Stay on Trend

According to several studies, more people are electing to stay in rather than going out. For example, where there were 60,800 pubs across the UK in the year 2000, by 2017, this number had dropped

This is the technology guests want the most

Mobile has become so embedded in everyday life that hotels are finding they need to embrace a mobile-first approach. Guests’ dependence on mobile phones while traveling shows that this technology

New Skift Strategy Deck: RethinkA Hotelier's Guide to Thriving in an Era of Disruption

Hoteliers are under pressure to deliver high profit margins, but are saddled with bulky legacy revenue systems. While transforming all operations might appear daunting, having the right technology

Hotel Business Launches Best Places to Work, Sponsored by Beekeeper

As labor shortage continues to be a major industry issue, hotels are looking for ways not only to motivate and educate a new generation of workers but also to hold onto the workforce already in place

Ascott Limited selects new PMS provider

Ascott Limited, an international lodging owner-operator, has selected RMS Hospitality Solutions as its sole property-management system. The global rollout began in March across 30 countries. The pilot