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Q: Alternative Careers In F&B: What Does A Chef Consultant Do?

When it comes to the foodservice industry, there's no shortage of career opportunities. Whether you love to innovate and create, manage and consult or even mix in science and the arts, foodservice is so

WTTC Releases Major New Paper For Inclusive & Accessible Guidelines To aid Global Travel & Tourism Recovery

London, UK - The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) launches its new high-level guidelines for inclusion and accessibility in the sector which focus on the experience of travellers with disabilities

What It Takes To Evolve A Beverage Program
By Kim Haasarud - Consultant of Strategic Solution Partners

Problem : Time to Beverage Evolution The national beverage program for Omni Hotels & Resorts is rolled out on a bi-annual basis, with the same menu and mandates across all properties. As the chain has

Lecture To Celebrate 100th Birthday Of Culinary Legend Ron Kinton

The lecture, which is to be an annual event, will feature inspirational talks from leading industry figures including alumni from the college's School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. It will be streamed

Tourism After Lockdown: Travel Barriers

STR's Tourism Consumer Insights team has been keeping a close eye on traveler and tourism trends as the industry moves through the most optimistic point of the pandemic. The twists and turns of the COVID

interTouch and announce strategic partnership

London - interTouch, the leading provider of cloud-based Internet and guest-facing technologies to the global hospitality industry, and, leading telecommunications infrastructure provider in Italy

From Room Service To Rehab, Distressed Assets Are Finding New Life

But real estate owners selling some of the underperforming properties and streamlining their portfolios are finding plenty of buyers, with an increasing number converting distressed assets into new uses

Reimagining Customer Engagement: The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Client´s Hotel Content

According to a 2020 study by, the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new customer is 5%-20%. So if growth is a primary corporate

Stress Test Before You Invest: Hotel Demand
By Susan Barry - President and Queen Bee of Hive Marketing and consultant with Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

As you may have seen in an inspirational Instagram quote (or 17), every challenge brings new opportunities, and there are many real estate investors looking for distressed assets and note sales in the

Hospitality Financial Leadership The Daily Revenue Audit – The Must Do’s
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

The hotel business is a retail business and in order to stay on top of your business, you must fully and completely balance your daily revenues and settlements. This means dotting the eyes and crossing