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How Hotels Can Capitalize on the Boom in Solo Travel
By Steffan Berelowitz - Vice President Digital Platforms

While taking a vacation alone once carried a certain stigma, the popularity of traveling solo is now well and truly on the rise. A recent travel report by Pinterest found that the number of people who

3 New Hotel Concepts Worth a Look

Is the Australian hotel industry ready for what’s coming? The foreseeable future will bring more international tourists and increased tourist spending and in some cities, whilst the number of hotel

What Brexit No-Deal Would Mean for Travel Between U.K. & EU

If the U.K. fails to reach a deal on its withdrawal from the European Union by April 2019, there will be insufficient time to negotiate a comprehensive air services agreement between the U.K. and EU

U.S. Travel Is Up This Holiday Season, According To Allianz Global Assistance Data

According to Allianz Global Assistance’s 2018 Top Holiday Destinations Report, U.S. travel increased 15 percent this holiday season over last year. New York City and Cancun continue to reign

Letter from Las Vegas: Travel will soar and new tech will rule but keep love and instinct close

“Want a night out with sluts?” solicited a tout on the strip, as agroup of men walked past. Getting no interest, he changed his tack. “We havebible studies too