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The four dimensions of family wealth: How to create a living legacy and invest in the next generation

Wealth. Legacy. Sustainability. Long-term impact. These ideas around planning a family’s vision for the future are as unique as the family itself. For many, the idea of legacy planning can be daunting,

Spreading the wealth: Increase your property portfolio to maximize investments with less risk

Diversifying your portfolio by investing in other properties can be a good strategy to reduce risks and increase returns. The key is finding the right property, and there are many factors that go into

Insight, expertise, and ideas: An inside look at how your AAHOA Officers are investing in the future and building relationships in the industry

Today’s Hotelier recently caught up with the 2018-2019 AAHOA Officers to discuss their experiences within AAHOA and in the industry as a whole. Here, they share their insights and wisdom on a host of topics

Modular construction makes saving money, time, and resources easier

In downtown Seattle, a citizenM hotel is being constructed using modular units stacked atop a traditionally constructed concrete podium. The design and delivery method – structural modular design – has

Looking ahead, bracing for a softer market

Institutional financing can position hoteliers for acquisition opportunities and long-term wealth. by RUSHI SHAH Chances are you are among the thousands of hotel owners facing a maturing commercial mortgage

Non-recourse financing strategies

Using capital markets financing mechanisms to prepare for market volatility. by RUSHI SHAH Hotel owners who shy away from alternative financing options, and continue to make their local bank the first