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What makes a hotel a smart hotel?

Today’s hotel owners are met with technology options on every side, from voice-activated room enhancements to information that drives more insight on the back end. So, how does a hotel owner become savvier

When technology misses the mark

Yani Deros has moved hotel mattresses and dug under desks to find an outlet for charging his devices. Tom Moore has found himself wary of hotel WiFi security. And Michael Driedger has touched what looked

AI in hotel construction

Large, sleek skyscraper towers made of glass and metal stand in the middle of downtown Beijing, China. After seven years of construction, the China Zun skyscraper is reaching the final stages to officially

Modular construction makes saving money, time, and resources easier

In downtown Seattle, a citizenM hotel is being constructed using modular units stacked atop a traditionally constructed concrete podium. The design and delivery method – structural modular design – has