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The most common HR mistakes that lead to hotel industry lawsuits - and how to prevent them

Legal experts say the hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to human resources-related lawsuits that can be separated into two distinct categories: wage and hour claims, and sexual harassment

Labor challenges, continued education, and evolving hospitality trends

There are various trends – from catering to millennials, tech explosion, labor challenges, and big data – impacting the hospitality industry. Regardless of where these trends are taking the industry, hotel

A shrinking world; Chatting with U.S. hospitality leaders

Between 2007 and 2017, the latest period for which such data is available, diversity within the accommodations industry workforce has seen a dramatic increase. By way of example, in just the last decade

Today's Hotelier Roundtable

When it comes to the economy, the headlines talk of a booming stock market, low unemployment, significant and steady job growth, and people keeping more of their paychecks thanks to tax reform. But even

AAHOA Unites With the Latino Coalition, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and Other Minority Organizations Against Anti-Worker Card Check Legislation

ATLANTA. The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) has united with the Latino Coalition, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and other influential minority business leaders and workers across