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Publication date: 27 May 2019

This Hotel Yearbook 2020 China Special Edition - 酒店旅遊創新年鑒 中國特輯 was produced for HFTP, coinciding with CHTA Connecting Travellers Conference - 未来旅行者大会 2019 which took place from May 28-30 in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview.

Hotel Yearbook In this Edition

DEI: Tips to Increase Participation in Post-Event Surveys

Post-event data not only helps us to improve our events each year, but also provides us with insight into our customers' wants and needs. Download this content resource for tips on setting survey objectives

Queensgate's $400 Million Freehand Purchase Showcases Hostel-Boutique Hotel Hybrids

We first heard about this bid back in July. Now it's a done deal and Queensgate shows no signs of letting up as it moves to push ahead with hostel-boutique hotel combinations. And at $400 million, it's

Tourists to Return as India Claims to Loosen Grip on Kashmir

While India claims tourists will soon be welcome to return to Kashmir, the country's crackdown on locals will continue. Mobile phones still won't work, highlighting just how severe the Indian government's

Shore Excursions Not Run by Cruise Lines Are a Hit With Passengers and Travel Advisors Alike

Independent shore excursions are proliferating, enabling passengers to avoid the crowds and travel advisors to earn commissions. With competition more intense, some cruise lines are attempting to improve

The 10 Most Mentioned Features in Email Software Reviews

People tend to mention templates frequently when reviewing email software platforms, according to recent research from Capterra.

A Trio of Hotel Sales

Recent hotel sales are happening in Dallas, Virginia and up north in New Jersey: Here’s the details on the deals.

LightBlue, Travel Without Plastic Partner to Reduce Waste

LightBlue Environmental Consulting (LBEC) and Travel Without Plastic (TWP) have joined forces to tackle the two single biggest waste streams in hotels—food waste and single use plastic.

Europe's AirliAnd Its Promising Tourism Growth

European aviation's wretched month will also have major effects on up-and-coming tourist destinations. Slovenia is one such example.