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Reframing Wellness to Wellbeing in the Hospitality Industry
By Samantha Hardcastle - Founder of Amore Social and Co-Founder of The Storied Experience

The wellness tourism is now a $639 billion industry. This begins to point us in the direction of traveler & guest desires, but the word wellness can lead to restrictive thinking. What comes to mind when

Six Habitudes Of Hotel Sales Success™
By Doug Kennedy - President of the Kennedy Training Network

As my workshop participants and frequent readers know, I often talk about the new era of "Silent Selling," where most correspondence is happening via email, app message or text. My recent train-the-the

How Long Before Your Hotel Is Flygskam?
By Larry Mogelonsky - Managing Director Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited

It started with the removal of plastic straws then the switch from single-use bathroom amenities to dispensers. Inch by inch, item by item, operation by operation, the sustainability screws will be tightened

What’s The Most Challenging Thing About Hotel SEO? Talking About Hotel SEO
By Thomas McDermott - Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Tambourine

Like a rumor of bed bugs that goes viral, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has haunted hotel marketers since the beginning of digital marketing. How do we rank better in search results? How do we get

First Impressions Count?
By Paula Carreirão - Content Producer and Hospitality Expert at Asksuite

AI Chatbot To The Rescue Yes, first impressions count. You might be able to change one's perception along the way (or the stay), but it does get much harder to change the game once you are already falling

8 Facts About Driving Innovation Through Diversity
By Catherine Rey - Sales & Marketing Manager at EHL Advisory Services

Key highsights from the "People Challenge" panel discussion at the 2020 HOTCO Conference. During the HOTCO Conference held in Budapest in January, several speakers faced the "People Challenge", exchanging

Hospitality Financial Leadership – We’re Getting You a Bigger Plane – A Tribute to JP
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

I was scheduled to speak at a conference in Wisconsin in late April of 2016. While I was preparing for my speech, I learned of my father-in-law's hospitalization due to pneumonia. Johanne was working that

Who’s Taking Care of Avianca? - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

Coris, a travel insurer, mostly for Latin Americans, sent me to the Crowne Plaza to care for a Spanish lady with stuffy ears. She turned out to be a flight attendant for Avianca airlines. Airline crew

Benchmarking 101: Golf Course Operation
By David Eisen - Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats

Let's face it, when it comes to benchmarking, most hotel professionals historically put their efforts into measuring room revenue. Sadly, if you're only focused on rooms, you're missing out on ancillary

The Love Language of the Revenue Team

Taking a page out of Gary Chapman's bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages, The Secret to Love that Lasts, Kristi White, VP Product Management at Knowland, takes a look at how the various hotel stakeholders