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Publication date: 27 May 2019

This Hotel Yearbook 2020 China Special Edition - 酒店旅遊創新年鑒 中國特輯 was produced for HFTP, coinciding with CHTA Connecting Travellers Conference - 未来旅行者大会 2019 which took place from May 28-30 in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview.

Hotel Yearbook In this Edition

Global Hospitality CEO Survey: What Trends are Shaping the Hospitality and Leisure Industry?
By Kimberly Yoong - Student at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

According to the 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey by PwC, the Hospitality and Leisure industry's success continues to rest on its ability to cater to individual consumers' preferences and desires

Resort Fee Litigation Advisory Group: Attorney General for DC sues Marriott International over hotel “Resort Fees”
By Jim Butler - Chairman, JMBM’s Global Hospitality Group

Hotel Lawyer: We hate to say "we told you so" on Resort Fee litigation We have been watching the Resort Fee issue for several years. We have advised clients on litigation, compliance and risk

Information & Telecommunication Spending Trends in the US
By Tanya Venegas - Director of Customer Success at HotStats

Sessions were highly attended and focused on topics including data security, artificial intelligence, biometrics, digital transformation and guest technology. The all-important question attendees

Interstate Breaks Out of the Bun with New Beyond Burger Promotion

As consumers are increasingly changing their diets to plant-based foods, Interstate Hotels & Resorts--a global leader in third-party hotel and resort management--is going beyond traditional menus

Global Expansion for Hotel Brands
By Kimberly Yoong - Student at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

In an increasingly globalized world where travel has become faster, cheaper, and more convenient, the hospitality industry has been thriving with travelers from all around the world. With a record 1.4

Hospitality Financial Leadership - The Basic Principles
By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

Accounting was a trade that had a global language much like carpentry or plumbing. There were universal rules that applied and these principles were exactly the same in the hotel business

Hotel Revenue Analytics: Data Science and Your Day Job

So, you want to be a high-performing hotel revenue manager, but how much should you understand about analytics, and how much can be left to the scientific experts and automated technology solutions

What Hotels Need to Know About Preparing for Summer Blackouts

Power anomalies don't take a summer vacation. From heat waves to hurricanes, wildfires to monsoons, there is no shortage of disasters waiting to wreak havoc on critical hotel systems between the end

A Guide to the Key Factors That Drive Hotel Revenue

The most effective revenue managers are pros at nuance and experimentation, looking for patterns and trends that inform their strategy. The ideal setup includes technology that automatically analyses

Stealing Thunder: A New Service Recovery Strategy To Impact Customer Loyalty and Trust

This article introduces a new service recovery method called Stealing Thunder - a proactive strategy to handle service failures which can have a significant impact on customer loyalty and trust