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Terence Ronson is the Managing Director of Pertlink Limited. Now residing in Manila after almost two decades in Hong Kong, Terence launched his diversified hospitality career as a chef, later holding various general management positions with well-known hotels in the UK and Asia.


For the Hotel Yearbook, Pertlink’s Terence Ronson shares another of his comprehensive and highly re.

MORPHEUS the God of Dreams

In Greek mythology, MORPHEUS is the God of Dreams. Without doubt, the hotel is just that, since the targeted clientele for the exoskeleton building appear to be dreamers who aim to win big in the casino

Terence Ronson of Pertlink shares with The Hotel Yearbook a wide-ranging list of tech-related ideas.

In hotels, technology has the power to make things easy for the guests… or make them complicated. T.

DO's and DON'TS of Hotel Technology v5

On what can be described as the eve of AHTEC@HOFEX 2013, it's the perfect time to update our ever-popular DO's and DON'TSof Hotel Technology.Should you have something to add to the list, please send it

Where’s the Secret Sauce?

Walking the aisles is always a treat, you get to see, or at least try to see most of the world's vendors under one roof at one time. The Goliaths take up the center spots, whilst the newbies are parked

In-room Technology Changing Hotel Landscape

We live in a world full of change. It's one of the constants we can be certain of, and a catalyst to that change rests with technology. Considering this in the context of hotels, one of the significant

DO's and DON'TS of Hotel Technology v4

With HITEC 2012 (The world's largest Hospitality Technology Show) just around the corner, the season of Hotel Technology Conferences and Exhibitions has firmly arrived, and so becomes the perfect opportunity

Wi-Fi Is The New Four-letter Word For Hoteliers

Open up any Hospitality or travel related publication these days, and most likely the first story you will see is about Wi-Fi - the subject has become as omnipresent as the requirement for the service

Sex for Sale in Las Vegas and The Consumer Electronics Show

During a two-week period in the middle of January, Las Vegas - sets aside its otherwise upstanding morals to the selling of porn. And, what's more - it's completely legal! Hundreds of thousands of people