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Terence Ronson is the Managing Director of Pertlink Limited. Now residing in Manila after almost two decades in Hong Kong, Terence launched his diversified hospitality career as a chef, later holding various general management positions with well-known hotels in the UK and Asia.


Is Netflix a window on the future for Travel and Hospitality?

Raise your hands... those who yearn to get on a plane and fly to some exotic destination. In fact, at this point, anywhere outside the confines of our homes, in any form of transport will do nicely, thank

There’s probably an app for that!

Abstract: Mobility has never played a more important part in our lives as it now does in these COVID times which has forced the world and most especially the hospitality industry to adopt a contactless

OPEN or SHUT case?

Over the last few years, many more travelers have gravitated to roller bags, you know the [often German-branded] carry-on type that just fits into the ever-shrinking overhead compartments on planes, which

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN | Where We Are and Where We Are Headed with Hotel Technology

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN – three simple, potentially life-saving actions drilled into us by our parents and teachers when we are about to cross the road. This sound advice is relevant to all manner of junctions