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Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling business author.


What Signals Are You Unintentionally Sending Your Customers?

I first came across this idea in the book Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon, which I consider one of the most important books written on customer service. By the way, Carlzon's definition of a Moment

Proactive Customer Support

Just last week I wrote about the concept of predictive customer support. Now, we take a slightly different angle with the concept of proactive customer support. The concept is simple. The company

Predictive Customer Support

In the old days - and even in modern times - if a customer wanted help or support, they picked up the phone and called for help. A (hopefully) friendly and competent customer service professional

Five Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction

Perhaps the biggest friction point of all with customers is making them wait and disrespecting their time. I recently shared the stage with Jeff Nicholson, global head of CRM for Pegasystems

Can You Take a Punch?

I recently had the honor of working with Francisco Partners, a private equity firm. They invited me to address the leadership team of the companies they've invested in about customer service

Walking In Your Customer’s Shoes

You may have heard other versions of this expression. One of the more humorous versions is, "Walk a mile in your customer's shoes, and once you're a mile away, you can say anything you want about

Starting Over – Part Two

The other day my friend and one of our avid Shepard Letter readers, Doug Schukar, shared this quote he heard over and over from his father growing up. I knew Doug's father, the late and great Buzzie

The Customer Is Angry – And, It’s Not Your Fault

Your company did nothing wrong! The anger had nothing to do with anything related to your company. Something else caused the customer to become upset. I've seen customers scream at servers

Being the Bearer of Bad News

It's never fun to share bad news with a customer. Many people are scared to be the bearer of bad news. There are plenty of examples of bad news - an order didn't ship, something was damaged

Don’t Be Lazy – Go the Extra… Inch!

The other night my wife and I met three other couples for dinner at a nice restaurant. The food was great, but the service ended on a sour note. Our server got lazy. His attitude toward the end of our