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RJ Friedlander is the Founder & CEO of ReviewPro, the leading provider of Guest Intelligence solutions to 55,000 hotels worldwide.


ReviewPro’s RJ Friedlander asks one of the key questions in marketing: In a time when it seems like.

For Hotels, 2019 Is all About Real-time Guest Service

The hotel industry has always been a leader in customer service, but much like other businesses, it risks losing its edge if it doesn't keep up with changes in technology and consumer behavior. Hotels

What Really Drives Hotel Rankings on Google?

The world's leading search engine has recently launched a Google review collection widget in which ReviewPro and other vendors are partners. There has been some confusion in the market but Google confirms

6 Guidelines for Managing Guest Conflict and Preventing Bad Online Reviews

Dealing with guest conflict is one the hardest things employees face in the service industry; if poorly managed, an on-property complaint can escalate to a bad online review and negative reviews can frighten

4 myths related to guest feedback

Like many other hoteliers trying out new business practices, you may be unsure of how to earn the most ROI from your investment in Guest Intelligence solutions. ReviewPro has compiled the top four myths

What Your Hotel Needs to Know about Guest Intelligence

As a hotelier, you work hard to juggle multiple departments and concerns at any given moment. From reservations to check-ins, housekeeping, revenue management and the well being of guests, you are under

Post-Stay Survey Management 101 – Part Two

Many forward-thinking hoteliers have already realized the importance of customer feedback in creating a more positive guest experience to improve operations, service and revenue. But like many hotel professionals

Post-Stay Survey Management 101 – Part One

The majority of hotels have been using some form of guest survey for years, but recently a shift has been happening in the way that hotels collect feedback. Early adopters of guest surveys have realized

Trends That Will Boost your Hotel Marketing in 2015

At the beginning of every year, many experts offer their list of industry forecasts for the year ahead. Some turn out to be highly accurate, and others, not so much. In the hotel industry in particular