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Patrick as CEO and Founder of Xotels has made it his mission to help independent hotels become market leaders.


5 Step Plan to Create the Perfect Guest Experience

In this article, we reflect on where such issues may arise, how to measure, and how to take fast, effective action allowing you to manage your hotel in the best way possible. In this article: Personalize

The Latest Developments and Trends in Hospitality for 2020 & 2021

Fundamentally it has been a completely different year from any other - many referring to a "new normal" - bringing a plethora of contrasts to the industry when comparing hospitality to pre-COVID-times.

Hotel COVID-19 Recovery: It’s Time to Outsource your Revenue Management

Even more so during the COVID-19 crisis ... Covid-19 has exposed weaknesses both in hotels managing Revenue Management internally as well as the traditional outsourcing model and Revenue Management software

Step by Step Guide to Collecting Hotel Guest Email Addresses

Capturing hotel guest data and information including email addresses and other contact details has become a fundamental part of any successful hotel management strategy. Central to a winning strategy is

Hotel Revenue Management in Times of Covid-19

The unofficial definition of Revenue Management used by insiders is 'the art of turning away business'. This certainly does not apply during the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) global healthcare crisis,

What to do to Increase Hotel Sales During a Low Demand Period

By adopting a proactive stance and implementing a series of tried-and-tested tactics, your hotel can blossom in what traditionally is considered low season. Read on to discover our five best practice steps

2020 Hotel Marketing Trends - The Facts Separated from Fiction

It's that time of the year again when searches for queries such as "Hotel Marketing Trends 2020" or "Year in Review" literally explode. It looks like, every December, we all transform into new-year-resolutions-freaks

How to Achieve 50% Direct Sales for Your Hotel (or more …)

A recent study by Walker predicts that the customer experience (CX) will overtake price and value as the most important unique selling proposition (USP) for customers by 2020. For hotels, it is therefore

Bleisure, a new Target Market for Hotels: the 5-Step Plan for Success

Bleisure has become a booming customer segment for hotels. "Bleisure" is a portmanteau of the words business and leisure, and refers to corporate travellers which also add leisure activities into their

How to Forecast Hotel Revenue with Optimized Precision

And still it is essential to give our operational departments a realistic financial outlook to run the day to day operations of the hotel as cost effective as possible. And also owners and investors need