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Martin Soler is a former Hotel General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of multiple hotel technology companies.


Technology in Hospitality, Evolution, Innovation and Guests.

In hospitality, technology is a complicated problem. For an industry that has historically excelled and set the bar for customer experience, buying technology solutions has not been on the top of the list

Overview of media in Hotel Marketing of 2019

The annual review of hotel marketing topics that got the most attention has finally completed. This edition is again upgraded from last year in terms of graphics which you can find here. The methodology

Analyzing the digital marketing activities of hotels, Martin Soler of Soler & Associates concludes that 98% goes toward performance-type marketing that is designed to capture clicks and convert those clicks into on-the-books revenue.

Food For Thought: How Hopper Intends To Change Online Travel

Brand building versus performance marketing is a major issue in the hotel industry. Very few hotel companies are actually building brands. Performance only has been in the DNA of hotel marketing for a

Food for thought: some thoughts post-ITB, are marketplaces a thing now?

ITB has come and gone, for some it was a burden, for others it was too many parties. But it still is the biggest and most influential travel show and in my opinion, if it isn't at ITB it's probably not

Food for thought: Loyalty is this better? personalization a pipe dream?

It has shipped! Tell Trends report has finally been printed and shipped. It started as a crazy idea last summer, the conclusion that there just isn't really any big picture report on the trends in the

Food for thought: A look at what made the headlines of 2018

Wow another year, so as promised in the last newsletter, here's the What was Hot of 2018. Looking at the subjects that caught our attention and which brands grabbed got the most attention. So while a lot

What Was Hot, And What Was Not. Hotel Marketing In 2018

Unfortunately the sensationalism and gossip gets clicks, and some media companies have figured out how to use that to get more clicks. This year I included the top 50 articles from Hospitality Net and

Food for thought: on corporate travel, elite loyalty status

Food for thought. Can corporate travel become available to all? The most lucrative segment of hotel bookings is undoubtedly corporate travel. The guests who have money to spend, who come late, leave early

Food for thought: What is next for Distribution? Loyalty vs Data

We're coming to the end of the year and I'm looking forward to the yearly analysis of trends in hotel marketing. What picked up this year, what is fading away and what has gone mainstream. But until then