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John Hendrie believes that Retail success comes from proper management of and commitment to the Customer Experience.


Give Me Some Relief

We in hospitality have a critical directive - provide succor and comfort to an American guest landscape which is suffering. The marketplace is in arrears; it is tired, unappreciated, fractured and downright

Hospitality Is the Ultimate Cachet - Images Planted, Dreams Launched!

The marketplace is bustling with experiences for consumers to consider. It hurts your head! However, Colleagues, we've got it, and others want it. The term, hospitality, evokes certain emotions and expectations

What a Golden Opportunity for Hospitality!

Who would have thought that the one top driver for jobs in a state was hospitality, with the classifications of lodging manager, concierge and housekeeper. As referenced, the state of Maryland has a 2017

AirBnB Could Change The World

Sometimes you can have a great notion, which will go nowhere due to a variety of constraints. Other times it is a "no brainer". AirBnB is already changing the face of lodging and the Visitor Experience

Those Airline Baggage Charges Will Kill You!

The airline industry runs on high points and low. Even on a current ascension from a nadir, we, the traveling public, are dispatched into the air, grumbling about the experience. The whole affair is disheartening

Hospitality Is the Ultimate Cachet

Cachet, you say. What does that actually mean? By definition, a cachet is a sign showing something which is genuine, authentic or of superior quality – a mark of distinction and prestige. In this age of

Kempinski Hotels Dare to do Things Differently

Kempinski Hotels has a terrific reputation for extraordinary service and delivery in the world of five star properties. They also do some things differently, and the Brand has proven successful and resistant

HR - Wherefore art thou? (What every CEO needs to know)

Human Resources was once thought to be a discipline of the future in the early 1990’s, when everything was so rosy and plentiful. Then, we had the high tech implosion, terrorism attacks, two wars, a global

Is the Gaming Product and Value becoming diluted? How to Keep Ahead of the Curve

As an uncertified economist, even I can appreciate when the marketplace gets saturated. What does that mean for the business and their customer? We certainly are watching this play out on the Gaming landscape

Shame on us in Hospitality. We have plenty of jobs, but everyone keeps on leaving

We in Hospitality are at a very interesting juncture. Everything has changed – our market, our business model, our guests, employees – really soup to nuts. Let’s take a look at the big picture, where Hospitality